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Things To Do in Tanzania

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juki235Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. On the vast African grasslands, you can see its magnificent scene from far, far away. Mount Kilimanjaro is also the birthplace of several large rivers in Africa. Because the mountains are covered with snow all the year round, the melted snow water merges into strips. The water of life in Africa raises the animals and humans on the African savannah. It is in the minds of Africans. , It is a sacred mountain, admired by all.
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salha AllyNungwi hotel for Zanzibar are nice hotel good weather good condition welcome to zanzibar welcome to Nungwi village ❤ we love foreigner and we care also ❤❤ love from zanzibar peace from zanzibar✔✔
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National Park
whoisangelI suggest you come here if you have the opportunity to take a look and feel the magnificence of so many wild animals. It's just a pity that there are not many black rhinos seen in Ngorongo. The composition of rhino horns is similar to nails. If you want to buy rhino horns as medicine, it is better to chew your nails! No sale, no killing!
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Historical Site
pxy0705Stone Town in the Zangerbar Islands is a very magical city. The doors of every house here are very delicate and beautiful, which seems to be a phenomenon of comparison. However, although they are beautiful, they are not rich at home. This may also be a local life custom. It is worth exploring.
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ZiruniThe breeze by the shore with tides that allow you to see the beautiful shells is a perfect place to be with family and friends i would recommend this beach a thousand times for anyone who visits zanzibar.You can have a lot of fun there,swimming,kite flying,surfing and the restaurants by the beach are with a considerable fee❤️☺️
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E33***22Its s great place for an Sunday evening chill with your family and friends.. chopping on cassava and bbq meat