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Things To Do in Taranaki

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_FB***13Wonderful Taranaki mountain.Looking from New Plymounth.Thailand darts team and Duncun.
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City Park
OK鑫Strolling in the park, refreshing, waterwheels, waterfalls, flower houses, blue sky and white clouds, red bridges and green water, each other is interesting. There is also a Chinese-style Kunming Garden in the forest. Spend half a day, leisurely and enjoy it.
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OK鑫A white shape resembles a fishbone bridge, simple and modern. Located at the seaside, the nearby trails are complete, you can stroll casually, watch the waves on the beach, or overlook the snow-capped mountains from the bridge. Green grass is everywhere and the air is fresh.
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City Park
OK鑫This garden was formerly a private residence, and later donated to the government. The house stands under the blue sky and white clouds, among the green mountains and green waters, the air is fresh, the flowers are brilliant, and it is very literary and enjoyable.
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202***60The environment is very good and lively, suitable for taking children.
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