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derricderricHuka Falls is located in the lower reaches of Taupo, a large low lake in central New Zealand. After the clear lake water formed the Waikato River, it suddenly narrowed and suddenly flowed through the cliffs where Huka Falls is located, forming a waterfall river that crosses the cliff. The waterfall formed Huka Falls is a combination of magnificence and beauty. The color of the water is blue-green, completely pure water. All the colors are very beautiful, and the general waterfall is from top to bottom, sloping down, Huka Falls is sprayed horizontally It shows its unique feeling alone
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pxy0705pxy0705Lake Taupo is a very beautiful lake near Queenstown, New Zealand. The area of the lake is very large and the lake is very clear. Lake Taupo is surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is also a great place for camping and sleeping. At the same time, you can also ride a bicycle around the lake, or kayak around the lake is a very good choice.
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新雨开心豆新雨开心豆Very interesting, there are a lot of small surprises when I go in, which makes me a middle-aged person full of childlike innocence, personally suggest to spend 2-3 hours to play, there is a jet boat next to it~ I love New Zealand so much
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Ornamental Hot spring
Theme Park
王海娃子王海娃子The air was filled with a strong smell of sulfur, and white gas emerged from the cracks in the stones everywhere. The entire geothermal hot spring park makes people feel the pulse of the earth we live in, and is also a resource that benefits mankind.
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Ornamental Hot spring
denis天涯任我行denis天涯任我行Drive for 25 minutes to the Geothermal Wonderland Park outside the town. The route is from Rotorua to the south along the SH5 road to Taupo, passing through the Redwood Forest Park area, traveling about 27 kilometers, following the signs and turning into one On the trail in the forest, from time to time we see wisps of white smoke coming out of the woods, and a faint sulphur smell blowing in the wind. The Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Park is at the end of the trail. (The ticket office has a free guidebook in English and Chinese) Entering the park, the plank road is covered by fog, the smell of sulfur is getting stronger, the color in front of you is slowly changing, the flowers are gone, and the green is gradually changing Very rare, the emerald-green trees were smoked and stained by sulfur, and the whole land was bruised, leaving only dead branches and leaves, as if they had come to "hell on earth." It turns out that this is a relic left by a volcano. To be precise, it is a dormant active volcano. The open area is only a small part. The highest temperature recorded is 300C°. The groundwater flows over the surface of the magma stone and can be smelled everywhere. The strong smell of rotten eggs, if you can't smell this strange smell, there is a possibility of volcanic eruption. The road signs in the park clearly indicate that there are three connected circular trails, divided into 30-minute, 40-minute, and 75-minute scenic trails of different durations, totaling 3 kilometers. The length of the route is marked in red, orange, and yellow. There are 25 scenic spots on the trail, which can be seen in turn in a circle. Note that for your own safety, to avoid scalds, burns and corrosion, please follow the signs and walk on the formed trails when entering Wai-O-Tapu. Please do not cross the barriers of the restricted area without authorization. Do not pick up rocks, branches or other objects in the park. There is NOSMOKING.
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National Park
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
julie2888julie2888Tonga also has the most spectacular spray hole in the South Pacific. There is a viewing platform by the sea. The coastal rocks that stretch for several kilometers stir up white waves under the beating of the waves. The water jets from the crevices of the rocks have the rhythm of the sea. At this time, there should be a symphony to have the feeling of the occasion.

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