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wanbaiguliShibiaoshan Leisure Tourism Scenic Area is located in Tengxian County, Luzhou City, eastern Guangxi Province, with a total area of about 15.8 square kilometers. It is located at the intersection of the Pearl River Delta Economic Circle and the Beibu Bay Economic Circle. It is only 88 kilometers away from Luzhou City. It has convenient transportation and rich tourist resources. It includes the original ecological water area landscape, beach landscape, Danxia landform landscape, historical and cultural landscape, rural village landscape, etc. It is the perfect place of Danshan, blue water, sand beach, green bamboo and village combination, and it is a collection of leisure, vacation, vacation and vacation according to the national AAAA level tourist attraction planning. Ransheng in one of the natural people and landscape poetry painting scenic spots, with a high value for viewing and recreation.
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Famous Residences
300***00The place to experience the human history, many historical and cultural are preserved, the original ecology, the sights are still perfect, here is completely away from the city hustle and bustle, Tujia cuisine, river fresh, fruit, really very good to eat
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M39***05  table of Contents 27 Taiping Lion Mountain Taiping Lion Mountain is located in the outskirts of 2.5 kilometers from Taiping Town, Teng County. The section of National Highway 321 from Guilin to Wuzhou passes through the foot of the mountain. It is 90 kilometers away from Wuzhou City and 242 kilometers from Guilin City. Lion Mountain is a mountain-type natural scenic area. It was designated as the first batch of scenic spots in Guangxi in 1988, and was assessed as a national forest park by the State Forestry Administration in 2002. Shishan Mountain has a total area of 45 square kilometers, ranging from Liangdong Shijiao Village in Taiping Town to the east, Anfu Shitang Village in the west, Mengjiang Shuangde Village in the south, and Qizheng Longku Village in the north. Lion Mountain was formed 70 million years ago. After the uplift of the earth's crust and weathering, erosion, and erosion by the sun, wind, and rain, it has formed a mountain top platform, cliffs, strange rocks, deep canyons, and lush forest vegetation and clear water. The unique landform is a rare forest park with Danxia landform characteristics in Guangxi.
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M39***05Butterfly Valley is located in Lizhai Village, Tengdongnan Town, Wuzhou City, 55 kilometers away from downtown Wuzhou, about an hour’s drive, and the trolley can go directly to the entrance of the scenic spot. The scenic area covers an area of more than 2,000 acres. There is a large parking lot and basketball court that can accommodate 200 cars at the entrance of the scenic area. The scenic area has the largest waterfall group formed by more than ten natural waterfalls in South China, and the deepest and most exciting deep valley. Surfing environment.
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M39***05Xuanzhou Island Xuanzhou Island is the resident of Xunzhou Village Committee in Tangbu Town, Teng County. It is located on the Xun River, the main stream of the Pearl River, and the Tropic of Cancer passes through the island. It is about 10 kilometers away from the county seat of Tengxian County and 70 kilometers away from Wuzhou City. The island is 5 kilometers long and 1 kilometers wide. The island has more than 5,500 people. It is the second largest inland river island in Guangxi. The island is surrounded by water on all sides, bamboo is everywhere around the island, and green economic crops are in the center of the island.
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Taoist Temple
M39***05Longmu Temple of Fuji County! Longmu Temple of Fuji County is a temple in the Xijiang River Basin and the dragon mother temple of Yuecheng, Guangdong, and the dragon mother temple of Jingzhou, Guangxi (Longmu Tai Temple). It is located in the village of Shengxi under the Xijiang Bridge of Fuji County, Guangxi, and can be reached by the second class road from Nanning to Jingzhou. It is the birthplace of the ancient protection god Dragon Mother in Xijiang River Basin. The location of the Dragon Mother Temple in Fuji County was described in Taiping Yuji in the Northern Song Dynasty. It was destroyed by the cultural revolution, and it was restored in 1994 years, and the seal of the dragon mother temple, the seal of the lion face of the lion, the lotus flower pillar, and the incense burner of the dragon mother niece were engraved. Fuji Prefecture is one of the birthplaces of Nishie culture, and it is described in "fuji Prefecture Shi" (the history of Fuji Prefecture), which is related to the dragon mother and the legend of the dragon mother, which is believed by the people in the Nishie watershed and Southeast Asia. Every year on the first day of the lunar calendar "Dragon Mother Birth" and the fifth day of August "Dragon Mother's Birth", the faithful to the Temple of Dragon Mother held a ceremony to worship. "Dragon mother's birth" eve, tengxian folk will send four clean-body good-natured women to the dragon mother growing up in the dragon mother's temple in qingyue city, Guangdong, for the dragon mother changing shower, ritual mysterious. The local people worship dragon mother "torize world", meritorious, have the virtue in the people "dragon mother ceremony."

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