Province of Pesaro and Urbino
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Things To Do in Urbino

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亲亲宝贝1234On the Rimini beach in the early winter morning, there is no one in sight after a long walk. Watch the sunrise, take a walk on the deserted beach, imagine how lively the beach is during the peak season, and spend a quiet and beautiful morning.
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TodemmyOne of the best and most renowned theater of Rome. They generally have a good program, though sometimes it''s a bit too classic. Not suitable for tall people. Space for legs is ridiculous.
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一米qSanti’s House, located in the center of Urbino’s old town, is the birthplace of the famous European painter Raphael in the 14th century. Raphael’s youth was the main creative place. The house has two floors. Raphael’s works are exhibited on the upper floor. Some representative paintings
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行者晓畅There is also a changing of the guard ceremony at the entrance of the public palace on the square. You can go and watch it, but don't have big expectations. After all, people are a small country that cannot be smaller. Tickets are included in the San Marino Pass. The square is really not that big, but the flat area on the mountain is too small, it can only be understood. 【view】
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小思文The Arch of Augustus is a landmark building. This arch has a long history, and the view of the arch is good. Many people come here to visit. This gate is also many years old. You can see a lot of scenic features. Oh. [Scenery] The scenery is so special [Interest] It's also very interesting
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行者晓畅A fortress built on a cliff in the 15th century. There is a mini weapons museum inside the tower. You can see another fortress and the panoramic view of Mount Titano when you climb the top of the fortress. The last section is a vertical iron ladder, which requires hands and feet to climb. Go up. The fortress is a landmark building printed on postcards and stamps. 【view】