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优的良仕The granite island is the granite island, located in Victor Harbor in the south of Adelaide, Australia. The scenery is good, and the key is free and open. It is very worth visiting. From the shore to the island, you can take the horse-drawn train. If you don’t take the horse-drawn train, it’s actually very close on foot. The island is also free and open for you to play. Only one penguin is charged, but we have After watching it on Penguin Island, I won’t watch it here. If you haven't been able to see Penguin Island, you can also see it here. The granite island is not big, and it takes less than an hour to walk around, but it is quite distinctive and there are not many people. It is a relaxing leisure spot. There are also many locals who come here to enjoy a walk after dinner.
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Jojos tripAt Soft Alpaca Farm, close contact with the Meng pets before going to South Australia, friends have recommended that I go to Soft Alpaca Farm on the Phil Peninsula. After arriving at the farm, only to find that there are not only flocks of alpacas, and rescued back the kangaroo, koala. The alpaca farm can choose 1 hour or 2 hours, 1 hour play the focus of the game is to feed alpaca and the lovely alpaca photograph; The 2-hour tour also tells a lot about the farmer, who was shown by Chinese guides in their tour buses. We were very lucky when we went. There were no other guests in the 3 pm group. The guide's little brother was contracted by us. Hahaha ~ Feeding alpaca is a funny thing. She still has a temper when she wants to take pictures with the alpaca, but it's good that they just spit at most. No harm. Just hold the alpaca food basin and you can be the queen of the sheep ~ Best photo spots recommended: the highest part of the farm ~

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