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1,656 Reviews
sea***qdWent with three family friends and felt that the tickets were a bit expensive at first, and found it was definitely worth the price after entering the scenic area. An experience that exceeded expectations, the scenic spot is not too famous, but really got a surprise, it is called the northern Jiuzhaigou, I really didn't expect that Qingzhou has such a fun landscape scenic spot, the waterfall is very beautiful, definitely worth recommending! Next time I have the opportunity to come back, it is much better than Yunmen Mountain, it is especially good in summer, you can play with water, the only regret this time is that the weather was too cold when the National Day came, it was impossible to get into the water.
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Theme Park
E39***28It’s a nice place to go. There are lots of attractions including a roller coaster that goes into the water and people are welcoming with foreigners.
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我的世外桃源Yunmen Mountain, AAAAA Class Tourist Scenic Area, National Key Scenic Area, National Geopark, is one of the first provincial scenic spots announced by the Shandong Provincial Government in 1985. It is located in the south of Qingzhou City 2.5 kilometers, with an altitude of 421 meters. The plain was raised, and the foot was covered with pine shade, and the mountain was not high but had a thousand peaks, and it was famous for the middle of the rusu since ancient times. The main peak of the cloud, there are holes such as the door, high across the long, north and south, as the mirrors high hanging, summer and autumn season, clouds and fog, through the hole, such as rolling waves, the mountaintop temple on it, if hidden, nothing, like a fairyland, magnificent, called "cloud gate, or " cloud gate fairyland.
676 Reviews
M41***35The special ticket that was seized on July 7th 9.9 yuan/person, no refund, no change, use time 7.12-8.31, I feel cheap to buy two. On August 7th, I called 3463686 one day in advance to contact, saying that it is available, but I still need to go to the visitor center to change the ticket, I can't directly brush the QR code into the park, because I have to buy a ticket to the mountain. After arriving at the visitor center on August 8th, we provide a QR code. The staff inside can't say that it can't be scanned. Then we can't find the order number for the mobile phone that provides the ticket. We later provide the order number on Trip.com, we still can't find it, and finally let the time for booking. I said that I finally found my order, but can't write it off, and finally told me that the deadline is July 12th, and it has passed the deadline, and I am very unhappy at this time. I said that you should take a good look at whether the validity period is up to July 12th or starting July 12th. It didn't take 10 seconds to issue tickets. The whole process was more than 10 minutes before and after. Fortunately, there were no other tourists waiting in line. Lushan scenery does not say that it is the staff who issued the ticket. I don't want to think too bad, I hope you are just unskilled in the business.
588 Reviews
lingliziIn October of Jinqiu, the Jinbao Paradise picking Festival started 🎉, located north of Fenghuang Street, Luzhou Road, Kuiwen District, Weifang City, the location is excellent, the transportation is convenient, and the multi-way bus is directly accessible. It is a comprehensive amusement park 🎠 integrating zoo, expansion park, defense education, picking park, amusement park, etc., which is a national 4A scenic spot, ticket 🎫 60 yuan, old people and children are free, students are half price. You can play for one day.
401 Reviews
Ancient Villages
义门回归Village stone house, stone steps, trees into forests, Zhuang water flow! Many farmers food! On the road into Zhuang, farm home specialty trade a line! Slow turn can play more than 3 hours! It is a good place to paint, photography!

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Zhucheng Dinosaur WorldWeifang,China

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Zhucheng Dinosaur MuseumWeifang,China

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Camel MountainWeifang,China

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Zhucheng MuseumWeifang,China

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Jiangnan Hot SpringWeifang,China

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Weifang Travel Tips

About Weifang

Weifang is located in Shandong. As the birthplace of kites, it is known as the World Capital of Kites. It is also an interesting tourism city. The Kite Museum downtown has a collection featuring many kites and different styles of kite from inside and outside of China. Fangtze Eurotown is a lovely mix of century old German- and Japanese-style buildings that have preserved their original charm. Shihuyuan Garden Museum is an excellently preserved example of a Jiangnan-style private garden north of the Yangtze River. Jiangnan or "south of the river" refers to the geographic area to the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River Other than the historical and cultural landscape inside the city, you can also go to the areas surrounding Weifang and explore the beautiful natural landscape. The Lushan Scenic Area in Linyi's Linqu County is also known as Fairy Mountain. Many famous scholars of the imperial past left inscribed tablets. This is a good place to go mountain climbing and sightseeing.

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23 Oct, 2021 Weifang Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 50%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:18/17:18
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