Whitsunday Region
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Things To Do in Whitsunday Region

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娜娜米When planning the trip to Australia, I was going to Cairns. I didn't know much about Australia before, so I knew only a few regular places. After reading a few travel notes, I learned about White Beach, and I was immediately attracted by the unique layered beach water, so I immediately changed the route to the Whitsunday Islands. To go to White Beach, you need a local group. You can choose to fly to Airlie Beach (airport code ppp) or Hamliton Island (airport code hit) for domestic flights in Australia. Accommodations on Hamilton Island are limited. My experience is that if you book more than one month in advance, there are no islands. Vacancies are available. If you want to live on Hamilton Island, you should check the hotel in advance with domestic flights. If you live in Airlie Beach, the starting island is to go to White Paradise Beach, and then the boat will go to other islands to pick up guests. Hamilton Island is basically the last island. It is recommended to sign up for a one-day tour and leave early in the morning. The boat will take more than an hour. White Heaven Beach belongs to the Whitsunday Islands National Park and is a nature reserve, so there is no hotel on the island, so it is easier to maintain the original ecological beauty, and all garbage must be taken away. The scenery is beautiful and the sand is particularly fine. There is a Hill Inlet, which is a viewing platform on the hillside. You can look forward to the White Heaven Beach. The sandy beach looms out in the sea with a very beautiful layering. The beauty of White Paradise Beach is unique because the scenery is different every moment. The tides and waves make the sand move differently. It is a unique natural sand painting. There are many lizards on the island, and I saw turtles snorkeling. Note that there are sand flies on the beach. In addition to going directly to the White Beach, it is recommended to choose another aerial project (helicopter, sightseeing plane, seaplane) to see White Beach, Whitsunday Islands, and Great Barrier Reef from the air.
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Featured Neighbourhood
WillSumHamilton Island is mainly a holiday-centric tourist area. It is obviously quieter than other Cairns near the Great Barrier Reef. Many rich people in the West still like to use yachts as a family rest. The yacht area next to the main street stops. Full of all kinds of yachts, spectacular cards line up all the way
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juki235The wildlife park on Hamilton Island is very worthwhile. Although there are no large carnivores here, there are many lovely herbivores. Giraffes, elephants, alpacas, and lemurs together constitute a very perfect animal world. There are many animals here that everyone can get in touch with, and they can be fed to giraffes, which is really interesting.
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Sally19891010Stayed at Airie Beach for 3 nights. This is the gateway to White Heaven Beach and the Heart-shaped Great Barrier Reef. It is rarely seen by Chinese people, and locals come here for vacation. There is a direct PPP flight from Sydney, which takes about two and a half hours, and the airport is a 45-minute drive from the town. It is recommended to live near the main street, there are restaurants, bars, pharmacies, supermarkets and large swimming pools, and it is also close to the pier. There are not many choices for food in the town, but there is woolworths, which is super convenient to purchase. It's not wrong to want to avoid the crowd.
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Observation Deck
WillSumIt can be regarded as the highest point on Hamilton Island. In addition to the beach, the mountain climbing activities here are also part of the natural leisure tourism on the entire island. Standing on a high altitude overlooking the island’s beaches and blue waters, the effect is very good.
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强尼莉娜Sitting at the entrance of the hotel, sitting on the 12th floor, the whole sea has a panoramic view, so beautiful, I watched the sea for two hours and didn't want to go out. With parrots, the scenery is really spectacular! Unforgettable forever!