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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Historical Architecture
真诚7577Beyond the vast arches of Jill's estate was an open green lawn and a blue sky. The grassy slopes undulated to both sides, with a wide, neat culvert in the middle leading to the golden palace ahead. On the lawn, on the shore of the lake, under the hall, the crowds were laughing.
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萨拉热窝的夏雨荷Oxford University It feels good to be lucky to go to a university that lives in a textbook. It is also good to not go to a school in it. This school is different from the traditional Chinese university. His campus is very scattered. Basically integrated with the neighborhood. I don't know what I know is a college. I have the opportunity to go and see it. I think of running in the sunset that day, it was my lost youth.
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M31***16This is a very beautiful bridge, on the Cam River, you can take a boat tour (boat tour). The bridge is named after the original Venetian Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri), which was built around 1600 and connected the prison to the interrogation room, so prisoners would "sigh" when crossing. I believe that the Cambridge edition was built hundreds of years later. Although it is not the original version, it is still beautiful. Worth seeing
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西溪老翁The Bodolli Library of Oxford University (Bodleian Library - University of Oxford) is the general library of Oxford University, one of the oldest libraries in Europe (opened in 1602) and the second largest library in Britain after the British Library. This is one of the six statutory libraries in the UK. All Oxford publications are automatically sent to this collection at the time of publication. There are many branches under the library, including Radcliffe Camera branch has become an important landmark of Oxford University, there are many books stored here, not Oxford University students can also be visited inside. The Hakatarie library consists of a group of buildings of different historical periods and styles, and there is an underground channel connecting each building.
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真诚7577For a few pounds you can climb to the top of the tower and enjoy the 360 degree view of Oxford without dead ends, the beautiful stripes and the southern city are the most amazing. The church porch, built in 4500 years, has spiral columns that are a major innovation in British architectural history
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LGKMYa must visit for the first timer in Oxford. time well spent. a well managed museum founded in 1683 and so many exhibits on display ranging from Chinese dynasties, Egyptian mummies to contemporary art. Contributions from all parties play a significant part in preserving this wonderful museum