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Things To Do in Xiangshan

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Film Studio
M20***327.17 The weather is just fine on Saturday, and the place is large, there are many people, but the density is low! There are many snacks in Fuyang City, and there are also great stunts and Sanxianguidong. It is worth seeing. Some snacks in the scenic spot are a little more expensive than outside, but they can also accept it~ The scenic spot can also bring food to itself. A particularly good scenic spot, the scenery is very good, you can also rent a car (3 person battery car, 4-6 person bicycle), suitable for families and friends to come out to play~
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Water Park
星辰灬Must praise! There are many projects, very exciting, there are children's areas and adult projects, the most important is super considerate service! The wife's necklace fell in the drifting river. I found it back to the hotel. I went early the next morning and promised very politely to let us go in and find it. As a result, they helped to fish for it. They did not go into the water. And they found it. Awesome!
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M47***66Shipu China Fishing Village Scenic Area has a crescent shaped bay with a wide viewing horizon. It is one of the earliest scenic spots developed by Shipu, Xiangshan Mountain. The facilities are very complete and the sea is clear. Don't worry about the risk of reefs and sharks. The scenic area is blue, white, green and the red walls and green tiles looming. Because of the natural landscape and the beach baths in all aspects of superior conditions, has become the famous conference center in the East China Sea and the seaside resort in Ningbo. Friends of Ningbo transportation is very convenient!
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Ancient Settlement
Bluce guoI came with the group ten years ago, but it was still raining. This time I drove by myself and chose a sunny day. I regained my memory and dreamed back to yesterday. This time, I found that the ancient town is quite small. There are 8.9 attractions inside. I need tickets to punch in. The ancient city is actually connected to the outside. If I don't look at the attractions, I can come in without buying tickets. Of course, this price is not expensive.
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185***96It was raining heavily on the day when I went to the half side of the East China Sea, but it affected the mood in the slightest. I bought a tour ticket and 18 people went with an umbrella. I went to the beach and the rain stopped. I saw the sea and picked up a lot of shells.
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Geological Sites
六九八Although the water is not very blue, but the sky is quite blue. In Ningbo area, such a natural marine landscape is relatively rare, along the road there are free beaches, the scenery is also OK, but the view of East China and even the whole country is not strong uniqueness. The tour package of the whole scenic spot is relatively poor. The toilet has been found for a long time. You need to drive to Huali Island by yourself. The ticket is 70. This is ok, but I hope that the shift will be increased on weekends or peak season.