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Things To Do in Xichang

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Military Site
60岁极省自由行Patriotism education base. The four major satellite launch centers in China, the only one open to the outside world. Must go here to see Xichang. There is a tour group in Xichang. The cost is more than 150 yuan. You can also take a passenger bus to the sand bar at the West Passenger Station for 20 yuan a person. In the sandbar there are motorcycles, rural minibus ~ green. The minibus is 40 yuan for carpooling. It is full of 8 people, 5 yuan per person. The sandbar is located 7.4 kilometers from the satellite launch center visitor center, spanning three natural villages. It is a special drive Z005. You can also walk there on foot if you have physical strength. The scenery is good all the way.
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路中寒梅Xichang Yihai Wetland Park is more suitable for leisure and holiday, and it is best to be sunny, the scenery is generally general, the sky is beautiful, live nearby for a few days, walk and climb the mountain to eat some food is still good, if the time is limited, it is best to go to the dream water town to see it! Busan was closed this time because of fire prevention. It should be good to see the panoramic view of the lake!
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爱到处耍的小明The scenic spot is not too big, and it will be finished in an hour. The cave is still more characteristic, there is wine to buy, the mountain area is very poor, many children sell some very cheap crafts, and potatoes 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔, I hope that after poverty reduction, I can revitalize the countryside.
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118***13A particularly good-looking and full-fledged cultural tour performance, the Yi men and women who can sing and dance are too eye-raising! The elements of water and fire are quite wonderful! More cost-effective than the cultural tour performances I have seen before! Seriously recommended!
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60岁极省自由行Today I went to Lushan in Xichang, and to my surprise, the measures against fire here are very strict. According to the management, Lushan has been burned twice, and if burned, it will be burned without ah! The worst was the March 30, 2020, when 19 firefighting heroes were killed, and another, some 1, 000 people were put out on March 18, 2014.
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Hot Springs Resort
M26***61Xichang Mineral Spring Garden is a good hot spring. The facilities in the hot spring are complete. The key is safety. It is good for everyone to soak their feet in the disinfection pool before following the water. There are large and small pools in the hot spring, with deep and shallow water. The pools have high and low water temperatures, which can meet the needs of different people, are very good for human skin, and can swim very well.