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Things To Do in Yangchun

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Geological Sites
gz当地向导伊妹儿Lingxiyan Natural Karst Cave wonders, the scenery is pleasant, the air is fresh, natural, comfortable, interesting, pure natural stalactite, various forms, very beautiful and beautiful, the wonderland of the world is generally, is also a good place to summer.
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Hot Springs Resort
_We***17Mainly the environment is good, it seems to be relatively high-end, there are a lot of small pools to bubble, not very hot, but not too warm, there are a lot of different heat pools to choose from. In addition to the place there is a loss bias, other are OK.
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Geological Sites
游侠半仙Guangdong Province key cultural relics protection unit Xiuyan, also known as "the fourth Lushan Mountain", and Henan Luzhou, Shaanxi Linyi, Shandong Anlin, the Lushan Mountain side, known as the national collection of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism in one of the famous mountains. Natural scenery and human landscape. Also a national geologic park. [Scenic] Natural scenery is beautiful! [Fun] collection of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism! Religious activities. [Cost-effective] high!
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City Park
gz当地向导伊妹儿Yangchun East Lake Park is a pleasant scenery, fresh air, natural natural scenery, to visit the park, to see the beautiful scenery, interesting, refreshing, refreshing, cost-effective, great.
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Geological Sites
卖牛奶的猪Many people only know that there are karst caves in Guangxi, but very few people know that there are karst caves in Yangjiang, Guangdong. The more famous karst cave in Yangjiang is Lingxiaoyan, and the third cave in Yuxi is not known to many people. The third hole of Yuxi is actually quite a fun place, because you can take a boat, pass a very dark underground river, and then enter the third hole. Entering the third hole is really another feeling, it feels like entering a fairyland. , Isolated from the world! You will never think of it! This is the most distinctive place in Yuxi Sandong. Because it is inside the cave, the temperature is much lower than the outdoor temperature. It is great to come here in summer! How to reach Yuxi Three Caves? The recommended way is self-driving. If you are from Yangjiang or surrounding cities, you are recommended to drive by yourself. If you don’t want to take a long-distance bus, you can only take a bus or ordinary green train to Yangchun, and then rent a car or charter to go there. The traffic here in Yuxi is not very convenient! It is really not recommended to take the high-speed rail. Regarding food, eating here is not very convenient, so I can only eat at Luoyang! So self-driving is really recommended! Regarding hotel accommodation, let's live in Chunwan. If you really want to live in a better hotel, you can only live in Yangchun City!
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Geological Sites
giggsfzjYou can observe the formation of caves up close, and even touch the rocks. It feels very good. The stalactites in the cave are in all odd shapes and beautiful, and there are two free photos taken, like one!