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E24***45a breath taking hike to the top area in wenzhou was the best moment of my life with all fun together
1,035 Reviews
_We***75The mountains and the walking paths are beautiful. We enjoyed walking around and looking at all the wonderful nature and scenery. The waterfall wasn't big but it was still interesting to see it. The food on the territory is 'so-so'. ☺️
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小东西1023🏞 "The Lingyan is particularly strange in the world of Yandang Guan." Lingyan is known as the "Mingting" of Yandang Mountain. "One of the three absolutes." 🏞 According to a pair of Qing people Yu Changhuan walks a circle, it seems to swim to the essence: "Mountains swing, water dragons, cave stone Buddha, 122 peaks pull out the ground Lingyun, the sea famous mountain is the first; left banner, right sky pillar, back Pingxia, thousands of Shenggong ghost axes, Lingyan Shengjing sighs without double." This couplet contains six place names, echoed back and forth, naturally in pairs. The next couplet is more vividly written about the scenery around it. 🏞 The must-see performance "Lingyan Feidu", a famous local non-remaining, 365 days, no matter the wind or rain, thunder and thunder in the Lingyan Scenic Area performance. 🎢 Lingyan flies high in the sky, born from the cliff cliffs of a century-old history to pick herbs. When performing, the local mountain people pull a rope at the top of the Tianzhu Peak and the Zhanqi Peak, about 256 meters away, and perform various adventure programs at the altitude of more than 260 meters. After watching the Lingyan fly over, Mo Yan was amazed at the scene and wrote the feeling that "the medicine of the sway is as clever as God, the cliff walks on the wall and steps on the clouds, and takes the grass that is immortal, and presents it to the lovers of the world." 🎢 Performance time: 10:00 a.m.; 14 p.m.; 00 and 16:00, the best location is in the tea room, was circled to drink tea to occupy a seat to see, of course, Lingyan Temple gate square is not expensive also see clearly, the only drawback is no seats.
354 Reviews
_We***75Beautiful place! We went during the working days so there weren't a lot of people. We enjoyed the view from the hanging bridge and all the mountain caves and scenery. I would go there again. ☺️
618 Reviews
穿白衬衣的薄荷星Yandang Mountain must punch the recommendation | Visit the Guanyin Cave ⛰️ in the cliff cave and have seen the night view of Lingfeng. Of course, don't miss the day view of Lingfeng. The entire scenic area is stacked, and the Qifeng ring arch is shaped like a thousand shapes. It is beautiful. 🌟Highlight Features: ✅Hezhang Feng is one of the representative landscapes of Yandang Mountain. The Guanyin Cave in the peak has a nine-storey dangerous building. The building is very ingenious and blends with the beauty of natural caves. It is the first cave day of Yandang Mountain. ✅ Entering the mountain gate, I see the Tianwang Temple, which is dedicated to the four great Konges of the great and powerful and solemn God of Guarding Law. From the foot of the mountain, I have to experience 403 grade meteorite to reach the top floor hall. This step is built in the cave, and it is amazing to pick up the steps all the way. ✅I am most impressed by the ancestral hall on the seventh floor. Looking at the rock wall outside, you can see the "one finger Guanyin" on the left hand, the "Side Guanyin Statue" on the left hand, and the "Dizangwang Statue" on the right hand. Looking further into the cave, you can see the strange scenery, and it is very beautiful to take silhouette photos here. ✅ Speaking of taking pictures, don't miss the flower sea outside the Lingfeng. It was the season when the purple sage was in full bloom. A romantic purple filled the mountain fields, beautiful and stop. ▪️▪️𝘐𝘕𝘍𝘖▪️▪📍 Detailed address: East Gate of Zhongyandang Mountain, Yueqing City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province 🚗 Traffic Raiders: There are green minibuses in the major attractions in the scenic spot. You can also walk nearby to 🎫 Ticket price: 45 yuan for the day view and 45 yuan for the night view.
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嘻嘻小宝Yandang Mountain Jingming Valley Scenic Area 1 The forest vegetation in the scenic area belongs to the southern sub-zone of subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest. According to preliminary investigation and related data, there are more than 430 woody plants in 89 families, 229 genera, and a large number of herbaceous plants. Among the woody plants, Ginkgo biloba, Liriodendron tulipifera, Magnolia officinalis, and Cinnamomum vulgare are classified as rare and endangered plants of the second and third level in the country. There are also wild animals and plants such as macaques, wild goats, big civets, pangolins, thrush owls and snakes. The dense evergreen broad-leaved forests and coniferous forests constitute the tone of the green life of the forest park. The scenery is secluded by the forest, and the scenery is beautiful when the forest is lined. Here you can feel the extreme quietness, listening to the waves of pine waves, the gurgling streams, and the tweeting of birds. There are deep trails, green and blue lakes, and water curtain caves that remain unchanged from droughts and floods. The "forest bath" here has more than 3,000 negative oxygen ions per square centimeter, which is very good. There is also a forest cabin under the dense shade of green trees. "Drinking a mist of misty wild goose tea, thinking about a few days of fluttering and ecstatic Tao Ranweng" is like entering a paradise Jingming Valley is a canyon in Yandang Mountain. The air here is very good and the water is blue. It is a dreamy scenic spot. The water at the entrance is really clear. You can see the little fish at the bottom, which is amazing. The magic of nature, walking inside, the air seems to be different, it's really worth a visit

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About Yueqing

Located in the small coastal plains in the hilly areas of Southern Zhejiang, Yueqing is under the jurisdiction of Wenzhou City. Yandang Mountain is one of China's top ten famous mountains. As part of the "Ring of Fire" volcanic belt on the edge of the Pacific Rim, it is a characteristic and complete volcano. Central Yandang Mountain was formerly known as Baishi Mountain, and is located in Yueqing City's Baishi Town. The Central Yandang Mountain Scenic Area is divided into seven major areas and features picturesque mountains, lakes and waterfalls.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Yueqing
16 Oct, 2021 Yueqing Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 70%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:57/17:27
Yueqing Travel: Not Recommended, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low

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