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Things To Do in Yueyang

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Historical Architecture
BinurajI visited on 5-June, 2021. It was a hot sunny day. The place is nice for a one hour visit. The tower was undergoing painting renovation still we could get into top of the tower. Its not a very bigh tower but from the top of the tower a nice view of lake can be seen.
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Geological Sites
Glass Skywalk
M40***25Shiniuzhai tourist area (national AAAA scenic spot) is located in Shiniuzhai Town (former Daping Township) of Pingjiang County, Hunan Province, which is located on the border of Xiangfan, Xiangfan and Xiangfan. More than 10 square kilometers of Shiniuzhai is an ancient military important area. It is a Danxiashi world composed of strange stones, strange peaks and stone caves. A thousand appearances, beautiful. Zhai inside the many attractions, can be summarized as "one cattle two turtles three dangerous, four bridges five villages six line sky, seven strange stone eight temples, 108 cliff scenery boundless." The attractions are famous for their strange adventures, especially the rare ones are the well-preserved 2000-meter ancient city walls, which enjoy the reputation of "the first village in the world". They are rich in mountain goods and local specialties. For example, small mountain white art, wild earth mounds, cow miaodou, iron-skin stone mounds and so on.
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gz当地向导伊妹儿Junshan Island is located in the city of Xiangyang, is a small island in the lake of Dongting, 800 miles, the scenery is pleasant, beautiful, the air is fresh, natural, natural scenery and human landscape intersect, great.
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睡恣@M丶The specific time to visit Dongting Lake is on the autumn night. That is, the Dongting Lake on the autumn night, the lake is clear and smokeless, a clear. Here "South Lake" is because Dongting Lake in the southwest of Xiangyang named. It is worth mentioning, although this poem is light, but is a natural carved light language.
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Ancient Villages
gz当地向导伊妹儿Zhang Guying Village is located in the east of Yueyang City, Hunan Province, under the Xiangdong Bijia Mountain and Long-shaped Mountain, the ancient architecture is well preserved, with features, leisure and holiday ideal place, is also the ideal place for photography lovers.
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天凉的秋Just went to the National Day, it is very difficult to park. It is recommended that you go or park your car at the nearest farmer as soon as possible. The children like to play with the water. The stream is clear and cool. The scenery is also very beautiful. It is really recommended.

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Glass Bridge Scenic Area of ShiniuzhaiYueyang,China

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Baling SquareYueyang,China

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6501 Scenic AreaYueyang,China

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Yueyang Cherry Blossom GardenYueyang,China

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Furong Guoli Junshan Yesheng Lotus WorldYueyang,China

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Lianyun Mountain Xiagu DriftYueyang,China

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Yueyang Travel Tips

About Yueyang

Yueyang was called Baling in ancient times, and is also known as Bazhou. It is located in the lower reaches of Xiangjiang River in the northeast of Hunan Province, at the estuary of Dongting Lake into the Yangtze River. Perhaps the most famous thing in Yueyang is the Yueyang Tower on the edge of Dongting Lake. Fan Zhongyan composed "Yueyang Tower Notes" in the Northern Song Dynasty and made it famous. In addition, there are scenic spots such as Junshan Island, Lingwu Mountain, Quzi Memorial, Tieshan Reservoir and Dayunshan National Forest Park. There are also revolutionary memorial sites such as the former site of the Pingjiang Uprising and the Ren Bishi Memorial Hall.

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