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Yuhang District
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Yuhang District Travel Guide

Yuhang District is located in Hangzhou (Zhejiang, China). It has many popular attractions, including Dream Town, Alibaba Xixi Park, making it a good choice for travelers.
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What to Do
Looking for things to do in Yuhang District? We provide up-to-date info on everything from must-see scenic spots to local hangouts.
West Lake
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Xixi National Wetland Park
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Hangzhou Songcheng Park
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Lingyin Temple
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Hangzhou Safari Park
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Impression West Lake
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Leifeng Tower
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Hangzhou Zoo
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Hangzhou Changqiao Polar Ocean Park
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West Lake Cruise
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Qinghefang Street
Nearby City
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Where to Stay
Discover the most popular places to stay in Yuhang District, complete with recommendations from fellow travelers and special hotel offers.

Discover the Real Yuhang District With a Local Expert

#tripaway YUHANG DAJINGSHAN NATIONAL PARK Amazing view and yet tiring long walk to the top.Looks like a mini great wall located in Hangzhou China.A good place to go and relax and enjoy nature.A good small hike too.Dont forget to visit when you visit Hangzhou.Cheers #tripaway
#eiffel tower in Hangzhou# Quite similar to the one in Paris. It's so wonderful to watch the lights effect at night and the locals performance.
Chao Mountain Far away from the cities, somewhere on the west of Anji, there is a land of breath-taking views, a land full of peach blossoms, unlike Chao Mountain in Hangzhou, it's more wild, feels like beyond the great wall. Far away from the cities, somewhere on the west of Anji, there is a land of breath-taking views, a land full of peach blossoms, unlike Chao Mountain in Hangzhou, it's more wild, feels like beyond the great wall. #wintergetaway
Liangzhu Museum is another UNESCO World Heritage cite. Part of the Liangzhu Culture Village, it offers the visitors several galleries representing different stages of development of Liangzhu culture - ancient society that spread it's influence in the East of China. Quick advice: there are many volunteer guides who'll be happy to take you through all the galleries, and they speak really good English. #wintergetaway
Liangzhu Culture Village is a must-visit destination for anyone who is interested in archeology and ancient cultures and societies. Take a ride on a local shuttle bus around the park because it's territory is huge. So you'd better save some energy for hiking around fields and hills. #wintergetaway
Colorful Autumn views- There is a lake full of metasequoia not too far from Hangzhou.Metasequoia is the world most ancient tree species. The trees turn orange, yellow and finally red. I visited this past Monday,which is the perfect time to visit.The waters are very clean and the feeling is unexplainable.It was amazing .It is one of those places you can go for passtime.
LIANGZHU MUSEUM-Hangzhou China The museum houses a collection of archaeological findings from the Liangzhu culture.The culture was first discovered in 1931 in and around a small township called Liangzhu, in Hangzhou, capital city of the province of Zhejiang. The museum is built on the site where many of the Liangzhu treasures were found, and forms the northern point of the Liangzhu Cultural Village, a newly created town. The building is set on a lake and connected to the park via bridges. The lake is artificial and was actively integrated into the scheme. The building appears to emerge from the lake in parts, while elsewhere terraced gardens mediate between the edifice and the water.Expected to walk in natural archeological site but instead re-creation of elements of history and discovery of site and artefacts. Many artefacts reproductions and replicas. Major focus on Jade.Went there on a school trip and it was very hot inside.Its a modern museum
The Dajingshan Tourism Distribution Center was built soon, with a magnificent Tang and Song style. It is a multi-functional cultural building that integrates cultural exchange, exhibition, leisure, entertainment and catering. It is also an important landmark building of Dajing Mountain. It not only can appreciate the unique rural scenery, but also experience it. Zen and tea culture to Dajing Mountain. Now, at the Diaoshan Tourism Distribution Center, you can experience the long-lost "Song Dynasty tea". The teacher who taught the class has studied tea culture for more than ten years. From theory to practice, we are immersed in the harvest and experience of knowledge. In the fun. In the process of ordering tea, many tools were needed. In the Song Dynasty, they were called "Mr. Twelve". They also had their own special names, such as: wood to be made (tea samovar), stone transport (tea mill), Hu outside the (tea in), Tao Baowen (tea ), deputy handsome (tea ) and so on. In short, listening is very interesting. The tea clerk carefully cuts the fine tea into the tea at the time of tea, and then finely adjusts it into a tea cream. Then, while filling the water, he kills it with a harmonious movement and a fast and orderly rhythm. Strike. In a twinkling of an eye, the tea soup in the tea simmered in the mist, the soup flower clung to the wall, the bite was not scattered, and a delicious white tea with a bright white color was presented. tea hundred plays, is the tea ceremony art of the Song people. They used tea as ink and painted in tea soup, also known as "dividing tea, water Danqing." It is quite like the pull flower formed by coffee and milk in the West, but it is more difficult. It can only be painted by tea and water, and can form a slim and picturesque soup pattern. The tool for painting only has a small tea spoon. Some use only the spout of the soup bottle to describe a little flying dragon, a silent pavilion, or Three two peach blossoms. Its only in my turn to find that its not so easy to order tea. Otherwise, Rulan in Knowledge No will not complain to the big lady. It is impossible to make a deviation in every step: first, the ratio of tea powder to water, It is the key to a bowl of good tea. Tea powder is often as small as a fingernail, and water is enough, and must be injected several times, each time you need to stir the water. hit the tea. I thought it was a light job, but it made my wrists sore, and the foam was still very slow and not dense enough. The teacher said that the hand strength, direction, tea samovar and tea samovar touch the correct posture and method, but also need patience and care. As mentioned in the tea meditation: "Drinking tea and meditation is a kind of taste, a path, and a mixture of minds." Whenever you order tea, you must have a good attitude and a positive mindset. Color, flavor. Attention is often the most difficult thing to do. You can do it with the heart and do it with the heart. You can taste the true taste from the plain, and the heart of life is the deepest taste.
Shirley Zhu

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