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Dalingshan Forest Park

Dalingshan Forest Park

4.5/5112 Reviews
Ranked No. 6 in Dongguan Amazing Natural Scenery
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"Dalingshan Forest Park is located in the southwest of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the northeast of the Pearl River Estuary, the north to Houdao Road, the east is the Dalingshan mountain body boundary, the southeast is the Lotus Mountain southeast mountainside boundary, the southwest to Dalingshan forest farm part, and the northwest to Daling village, Houjie street. Across four towns one (Houjie Town, Humen Town, Changan Town, Dalingshan Town, Dalingshan Forest Farm), the area of 74 square kilometers, has been built Humen, Houjie, Dalingshan, Chang'an four entrance square, park road 78 kilometers, mountaineering trail 31 kilometers, and a number of convenience services facilities. Park is a comprehensive forest park with forest resources as the main body, protecting natural ecology as the main function, with the characteristics of "natural", "quaint" and "wild fun", which can be used for sightseeing, scientific research, leisure and fitness. The park belongs to low mountain and hilly landform. The mountains in the garden are undulating, peaks are stacked, and mountains and valleys are quiet. The highest point "tea mountain top" is 530.1 meters above sea level. When you climb the peak, you can enjoy the new look of the city and the surrounding lakes and mountains. In the park's dense mountain forest, there are many strange images of rocks, such as flagstone, meteorite, lotus stone, lover stone, its shape is thousands of posture, like people, like animals, like things, like life. These stones are distributed throughout the park, with its quiet beauty embellish the park, and more exemplify the nature and wildness of the park."