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Things To Do in Dongtai

Huanghai Forest Park
561 Reviews
JXB333The air is fresh, the negative oxygen ion content is high, the Metasequoia is beautiful, the scenery is charming, the green avenue is picturesque. The first day afternoon with the hotel's complimentary ticket to enter the forest park, the next morning, and buy the ticket to enter the forest park again to breathe the fresh air. It's a good place to live a slow life.
Xixi Tourism and Culture Scenic Area
176 Reviews
M31***64First time to Dongtai, chose Xixi Ancient Town. Feeling is not bad, creating very careful, still in the continuous construction. Small long vacations are free parking, Dongtai tourism is full! Because of the time relationship, the scenic spots such as Taishan Temple did not feel in depth, want to know the customs and folk feelings of the Lixiahe region, Xixi is recommended!
Dongyong Seven Fairies Culture Park
91 Reviews
ZYZ_1314View is not bad and food is ok, very not enjoyable but weather is ok
Anfeng Ancient Street
90 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
佩佩abcLong Street, blue bricks, black tiles; slate, green vines, flower windows. . . . . The quiet and cozy An’an Ancient Street Anfeng Town belongs to Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province, a famous historical and cultural town in China. It was built in the Kaiyuan Period of the Tang Dynasty (AD 713). It is located on the bank of the Fan Gong Dike built by Fan Zhongyan, a famous figure in the Song Dynasty. Coastal junction. Anfeng has a unique geographical environment and regional advantages, and is 17 kilometers away from the downtown area of Dongtai. It is the hometown of Wang Gen, a philosopher in Ming Dynasty and founder of Taizhou School, and Wu Jiaji, a commoner poet in Qing Dynasty. In the eighteenth year of Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty (644 AD), because Japanese pirates and sea bandits often invaded the people of Tang Taizong, Tang Taizong wanted to expedition, so he appointed General Xue Rengui to prepare for battle. Xue Rengui excavated more than 2 square kilometers of river system Bagua formation on the beach in Dongtao, which was close to the sea, trained the army, crossed the sea and flattened the Japanese, leaving a trace. In the first year of the Southern Tang Dynasty (937 AD), the Hailing Supervisor was set up in Dongtai to supervise the eight major saltworks in the north and south. Anfeng was originally a small taochang, also known as Xiaotaopu. From the fifth year of Song Tiansheng (AD 1027) to the tenth year of Tiansheng (1033), the Xixi salt warehouse supervisor Fan Zhongyan and the Jianghuai system shipping agent Zhang Lun and the Huainan transfer agent Hu Lingyi led the people to build a total length of 143 li. The Anfeng section of the Fangong Dike is about 9.5 kilometers long. The bottom of the dike is three feet wide, the surface is one meter wide, and the height is one meter five feet. The wall is made of bricks. Not only has it created a production and living environment for salt people to live and work in peace and contentment, but also spread the spirit of "worries and worries before the world, and happiness and happiness after the world" into the hearts of Anfeng people. Since then, "Dongtao" has been renamed Anfeng. Hou Anfeng specially built the "Sanxian Temple" to commemorate. In the Ming Dynasty, Anfeng became one of the world-famous "Huainan Zhongshichang" saltworks. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Anfeng Town has built an ancient street of Qihuali in the north and south, starting from Xiaxingyue Bridge in the north, and Yingning Bridge in the south to Yandi Yingning Bridge, which is full of the prosperous scene of "Jiuba 13 Lane and 72 Temples". Merchants from all quarters gather, shops and shops are dotted with more than 800 shops, large and small, and more than 2,000 people sell tea and paint from Huizhou, silk from Jiangsu and Zhejiang, porcelain from Jiangxi, dry tobacco from Central Plains, and goods from north and south. There are more than 19,000 kitchen households and more than 48,000 people in the kitchen. The development of the salt industry has brought prosperity to market towns and commerce, forming a seven-mile long street running from north to south. On both sides of the street, the houses are stacked, and the merchants are converging. On the east side of the street, the Haihe River is the main route for waterway and salt transportation; the Chuanchang River on the west side of the street directly reaches the Yangtze River. On both sides of the street, there are 13 lanes that can pass from east to west, and 16 bridges are erected over the two rivers. The transportation is very convenient. Merchants from far and near are gathered here, and there are ancient towns in shops, shops, squares, and museums.
Nearby City
Dream Labyrinth
466 Reviews
Theme Park
M44***24Ctrip is very cheap. If you buy attractions, it costs 160 for adults and 120 for children. The place is very big, divided into east and west areas. The east area is outdoor, and the west area is indoor. The more fun is colorful dry snow, go-karts, and the rest are basically for children. We went in at 10 o’clock and the package was 3 pm I’ve run out of everything on it, and half a day is enough. What's more pitted is that the food inside is really unpalatable and expensive. It's best to bring more of your own food. Generally speaking, it is good. It is worth the fare and it is recommended.
Nearby City
Qin Lake National Wetland Park
4,020 Reviews
Grace_cytAfter entering the entrance, you need to take another boat to the main scenic spot. You need to check the time point at the whole and half o'clock. If you miss the first half of the boat, you will wait 30 minutes. The cost of the ticket is included in the ticket. The scenic area is better planned, turn around clockwise, don't have to go back. After disembarking, I will go ashore and visit an exhibition hall first. After I leave the exhibition hall, I will go outdoors and see many plants and animals. There are elk in the scenic area, but no crocodiles, because the crocodiles hibernate in winter, and many other birds see only a few, probably because of the cold winter weather. One place that impressed me was imitating a farmer, the front of the door was a piece of land, used for growing vegetables, farmyards and house furnishings all restored the life of the farmers, very realistic, for the city grown up people, the opportunity to visit it is very good. Overall, the whole park has a good scenery, the original ecology, and it will be better when the weather is warm. If you go shopping slowly throughout the scenic spot, it will take most of the day.

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Dusit Thani Dongtai
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Jiangsu Chuanyu Holiday Hotel
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Jinjiang Inn (Dongtai City Government)

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Anfeng Ancient Street
Anfeng Ancient StreetYancheng,China

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Xixi Tourism and Culture Scenic Area
Xixi Tourism and Culture Scenic AreaYancheng,China

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Dongtai Museum
Dongtai MuseumYancheng,China

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Dongtai Fojiao Jushilin
Dongtai Fojiao JushilinYancheng,China

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Huanghai Forest Park
Huanghai Forest ParkYancheng,China

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Dongyong Seven Fairies Culture Park
Dongyong Seven Fairies Culture ParkYancheng,China

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Dongtai Travel Tips

About Dongtai

Dongtai City is located in the central part of Jiangsu Province, at the southern end of Yancheng City. It borders the Yellow Sea to the east, Hai'an County in Nantong City to the south, Xinghua City in Taizhou City to the west, and Dafeng City to the north. Known as “Dong” for short, it is one of the largest county-level cities by surface area in Jiangsu Province. Dongtai has a profound urban cultural heritage and numerous historical sites and scenic spots. Xixi Ancient Town is the birthplace of the Fairy Couple mythical legend. The town also has the attractions of Dongyong Shrine and Dongyong and Seven Fairies Cultural Park. Dongtai City also has natural and cultural sights such as Anfeng Ancient Town, Huguo Temple, Yellow Sea Forest Park, and an ecological park.

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Dongtai Weather

Apr 13, 2021
7 ~ 16
Apr 14, 2021
7 / 16
Apr 15, 2021
10 / 18
Apr 16, 2021
8 / 20
Apr 17, 2021
5 / 17
Apr 18, 2021
8 / 17
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Dongtai
Apr 13, 2021 Dongtai Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:74%, Sunrise/Sunset:05:33/18:27
Dongtai Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Very Low

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