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Things To Do in Dongxing

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山在穷游If you ask me which seaside is the most beautiful in Fangcheng Harbor, I may not be able to tell you, but if you ask me where the sunset is the most beautiful, then Wanwei Golden Beach must not be missed. I came here thinking it was too early to do much travel, but then I found it was a bit late, because to see the most beautiful sunset, you must go to the west side. That kind of endless beach is really beautiful. Of course, if you like diving or going out to sea, this is also for you. Especially bring your beloved baby here, must be a good choice another point, because this is not a 10-minute hot beach, so May Day and 11 trips will not have too many pedestrians.
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中越边境国门Dongxing Port, Fangchenggang City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is a good attraction worth visiting. It is opposite the Vietnamese Mangjie City. Dongxing Port has a lot of Southeast Asian flavor snacks. The scenery is good. There is Huida Port City, Wanzhong Duty Free Shop, Vietnam Street, Redwood Furniture City.
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防城港港主I came to the rainforest park in time for the peak season, and I felt refreshed when I entered the rainforest. I personally think that summer is better, or from April to June, it is divided into two areas, one Hongmen Valley, and Shimen Valley. It is recommended not to drive up the mountain. Enjoy the charm and tranquility of the rainforest. In the evening, I rushed back to the Wanwei market around Jintan to buy seafood and go to the nearby world to process seafood. It is not too beautiful.
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Water Park
清与We only brought swimming suits, swimming trunks, swimming caps, and goggles. However, goose, swimming goggles, and swimming caps do not need to be worn. We didn’t bring the most important waterproof bag, nor did we have slippers, so let’s go barefoot. All kinds of sour and cool. I walked like a disabled person until the end of the game. Focus! ! ! Please bring your own swimsuit, towel, bath towel, toiletries, waterproof bag, snorkeling shoes! ! In addition, do not bring necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and all jewelry that easily fall off! PS: There is a waterproof bag for ¥35, and a pair of snorkeling shoes for ¥68. We only bought a waterproof bag. We were about to end the sale of these snorkeling shoes and finally rushed to Wanwei Jintan to eat seafood. "Tianxiake Seafood" I go to this restaurant every time I come here
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Historical Site
xiaolouIt is also a free attraction, just beside the Dongxing Port of Fangcheng Port, where many people take pictures and punch cards, and there are many small vendors selling goods from Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.
Nearby City
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M34***50Wild man Valley rafting is very fun, thrilling, surprises are constantly, everyone can come to experience, feel it. The forest is green, the ecological environment is good, the air is good. After entering the attraction, put on life jackets, put on safety helmets, and after eight minutes of car ride, entered almost an hour and a half of thrill rafting.

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Port of DongxingFangchenggang,China

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The Yijing Gardens Water WorldFangchenggang,China

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Dongxing Pingfeng Rainforest ParkFangchenggang,China

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China-Vietnam Friendship International ParadiseFangchenggang,China

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Colorful Beiqiu BayFangchenggang,China

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Sino-Vietnam Friendship BridgeFangchenggang,China

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About Dongxing

Dongxing is situated on the southwestern corner of the Chinese coast on the border with Vietnam. It is an important port for trade between China and Southeast Asia. The Beilun River forms the border between China and the Vietnamese town of Móng Cái. Dongxing is known for its fine sandy beaches, crystal-clear seawater and stunning sunset views. Popular destinations include Dongxing Jingdao Scenic Area, which boasts picturesque coastal scenery and traditional local culture.

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