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Things To Do in Dornbirn

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乖小咪Lindau port is a beautiful port city on the shore of Lake Constance in Germany. There are blue lakes and many old European buildings. The harbor is full of sailing boats with raised masts and historic statues. It's really beautiful.
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Art Museum
M32***23The Bregenz Art Museum was designed by Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Peter Grandmother in 1997. The whole building is very modern in style, with a pure and exquisite appearance. With a translucent frosted glass skin, it has a hazy feeling. The designer combined the section design to give the interior perfect natural diffused light. The works in the museum are also very good, visitors can feel many of everyone's works, it is a place worth visiting.
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GeorgezouThe Wörthersee Opera is a famous theater in Bregenz. It is an open-air theater. It is right by the lake. The scenery is very beautiful and the seats are very comfortable. Appreciating the opera is an enjoyment. No wonder it is called the best open-air opera in the world.
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乖小咪Lindau Old Town Hall is definitely the most famous attraction in Lindau Old Town. This city hall is very simple and has the characteristics of typical German architecture. The neatly arranged windows and the exquisite murals on the walls are the characteristics of this old city hall and have its unique charm.
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珍珍吖头Liechtenstein is a country of stamps。The toilet charges 1 yuan,Want to be RMB 8 yuan?Population of five thousand people。
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Historical Architecture
莲子99The Vaduz Castle is the Grand Duchy of Liechtenstein, or the King's Castle, in a prominent position overlooking the country, the building itself is rather low-key, often locked and heavy.

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