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Maybe you know that the roles of Disney, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are deeply rooted in people's hearts; maybe you know that Universal Park, the various movie characters are familiar. Amusement park is no longer just a kind of amusement experience, but also a way of cultural communication. The world-famous amusement parks basically have a clear image, while in China, the field is still in a blank stage. As a theme park to fill the IP vacancies in domestic travel projects, on April 28, 2017, the first theme park of the Blu-ray Travel Group, Dujiangyan Fruit Man Planet was opened in Dujiangyan, June 1st, 2018. The Volcano Adventure Theme Zone is a hot eruption in the Dujiangyan Fruit Man Planet. Based on parent-child tourism, it is divided into two major sections, Land Park and Water World, to bring a different new experience. As a newly-built project, the volcanic adventure area that is accessible to the left hand of the playground is naturally the first choice for travel. It has a total of 19 indoor and outdoor projects, and the largest outdoor project is rushing out of the volcano. Bay". If you change your name more familiarly, it is a torrent of strength: take a boat to the heights, then dive down, feel the slight weight loss of pleasure, splash a huge splash, do not buy a raincoat, be careful! Visitors who are not convenient to take a ride can enjoy the water in the glass house, while they can feel the water, they can also not be "wet", and they can also take photos of the small partners on board. "Crash out of the volcano bay" ride unlimited times, but each time you need to re-queue, there are places to save, this time, do not have to carry luggage together.
National Day holiday to avoid the flow of people, to live in Qingcheng Mountain for a few days Chengdu has always been a popular tourist destination, tomorrow on the National Day holiday, everyone is already starting to travel, if you feel that the National Day is everywhere If you are awkward, it is better to find a small place and stay quiet for a few days. Qingcheng Mountain, which is about an hour's drive from Chengdu, is a very nice place with few people, good air and beautiful scenery. Strongly A Chinese style garden hotel. The hotel has a large area under the Qingcheng Mountain. It is a new hotel that has been in operation for more than a year. It has its own parking lot and there will be a shuttle bus pick-up service. The service is very intimate / Hh/Lobby and guest rooms are very tuned, revealing elegant temperament. The lobby bar can read books, drink tea and garden buildings, and the Chinese hurricane is full, which is very suitable for girls to shoot cheongsam and Hanfu. I also like the design of the room. The bathing products used are all Ferragamo, very high-end, with a bathtub, a balcony, and a panoramic view of the garden. The hotel is very close to the Panda Paradise and the ancient town of Jiezi. It is suitable for self-driving, staying at the hotel and then traveling around. It is very pleasant and you can climb Qingcheng Mountain with your interest. Traffic Raiders: From Chengdu for an hour or so per capita consumption: about a thousand featured recommended: Chinese style practical tips: you can live in this hotel, just go shopping Zigu Town, Panda Paradise
At the end of the road, the white walls and blue tiles, a white building quietly located in the mountains, this is our destination today. Tong went to Hidden Springs, which is the name of the hotel. Tong Go has a homonym to go and children, which is a hotel that is very suitable for family travel. Tong went to build on the mountain, and the river flowed slowly from the left side of the mountain. The spring water is collected at the entrance of the hotel. The layers of water are stacked, and there is a round of meniscus at the pool. I like it at first sight. The color and structure of the logs, the new Chinese style, the rustic architectural style, the guqin, the tea art, the veils, the flowers... create a Zen-filled lobby space. In the lobby, there are free Hanfu clothes for children. If you bring children, you can take pictures. Room: Warm and comfortable room, high quality linen and toiletries, the waiter has opened the electric blanket on the bed in advance, reaching out, warm, good intimate! From the floor-to-ceiling windows of the private soup room, it is a private soup pond. The green space outside the house is very good. Soak yourself in the soup pool in the room, stretch your limbs in the smog, release stress and relieve tension. When you have a hot spring, there is a gauze on the side of the soup pool. You can tie it up if you don't mind. You can enjoy the hot springs while watching the scenery. Environment: This three-story courtyard house is elegant and fresh. White-walled blue tiles, green bamboo trees, blue and white veils are interspersed. There is a cinema room on the first floor of the hotel and a large library on the second floor of the hotel - "There is a book." The book bar is divided into two levels, the lower level is the reading area, children's books, novels, popular science, art... a wide variety, books are comparable to small libraries. There are even limited or out-of-print books signed by the author. The second floor children's activity room provides LEGO toys, building blocks, toy cars, etc. Parents can safely leave their children here to have fun. There is a viewing gallery from the library, the water features of the wooden gallery, and the gauze hanging lightly, which is very suitable for taking pictures. There is also a terrace on the third floor where you can have tea, play poker, play games and be a great place for friends to meet. There are a lot of green plants and fleshy plants in the yard, and there are some small ornaments on the table. Dining: It is very convenient to eat in the hotel. The butler carefully recommended the ribs soup pot, the hot pot, and the wet rainy day! There are also fresh vegetables to mix, and the nutrition is very rich. In particular, I would like to like the secret sauce prepared by the chef. It tastes great! In the mountains and forests, choose a place of hidden springs, let time slow down, and enjoy our "going with you". TIPS: Tong to the hotel address: Dujiang Community, Qingcheng, Jingcheng District, Tai'an Community, Hongyan Village hotel in the Qingcheng Mountain Scenic Area, enter the scenic gates need to buy Qingcheng Houshan tickets ( 20 yuan). It is recommended to drive by car. You can also take the Xipu Expressway from Xipu to Qingcheng Mountain in Chengdu City (10 yuan for one-way trip, about 30 minutes), then transfer to the scenic bus to the scenic gate (round-trip 25 yuan, one way About 35 minutes). In addition, Tongzhi Hotel is very close to the ancient town of Tai'an. Due to the time, we have not been able to play this time. Friends who have time can take a look at the ancient town style, and there are many foods.
Liushan Hotel is really red to no friends. The Maldives, Koh Samui and Phuket are all net red. The first six good hotels in China are under the Qingcheng Mountain in Chengdu, and finally come to the card with friends! The hotel's environmental protection concept runs through, the entire hotel does not have any plastic products, vegetables are produced by their own organic farms, and even the cars that pick us up in Chengdu are Tesla! The hotel's decoration style is a combination of Chinese style and local architecture. It is a step-by-step view and suitable for concave shapes everywhere! Personally love the round-roof Thai restaurant and pure white-wind spa! In addition, the moon below the Thai restaurant is very beautiful at night! Hotel dining is divided into Thai restaurant, Chinese restaurant and western restaurant. Unfortunately, when we went to Thai restaurant, we had a rest, tried the buffet breakfast of Western restaurant and Western dinner, and then ate at Chinese restaurant. Lunch, still have afternoon tea at the moon, a thunder has not stepped on, really first class dining! The hotel is very big, there are shuttle buses everywhere, on call! The service staff is very professional and enthusiastic! There are a lot of hotel room types, from Liushan Suite to Two-Bedroom Pool Courtyard Villa, the price ranges from 2700-15000, there should be a difference in the off-season season! The hotel's Six Kinds of Spa is very worthwhile to experience, and the technique is very professional, so you can completely relax! The hotel is very suitable for bringing children, there is a kids club, you can also go to the surrounding giant panda breeding base! Hotel Transportation: Depart from Chengdu for one hour! The hotel also offers a chargeable transfer service! Alternatively, you can take the high-speed rail and the hotel is five minutes from the high-speed rail station!
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