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Jiufeng Mountain Scenic AreaNearby City

Jiufeng Mountain Scenic Area

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Open from 6:00am-7:00pm (Local time)
"I went on September 21. For your reference. The road from the red house to the ancestral hall is very good, and the stairs are well repaired. The back road of the ancestral hall is very bad, and it really needs to be used hand and foot. You need to pass through several landslides, most of the roads along the way are very narrow. There is only one road in the whole way, the break can see if there are red arrowheads. Zushi Hall to Guanyinyan almost three or four hours, Guanyinyan is a ragged cement plate, leaving a few cement villages, no water and food. The only good thing is that it feels like at least a bigger flat. There are two separate houses on the top of the mountain for the Buddha. The upper floor of the Buddha's house is a tile, 60 yuan per person. The quilt is a bit moldy. Bringing your own tent up the mountain is really too challenging. It is recommended not to bear the weight. We spent 10 hours up the mountain and 6.5 hours down the mountain. The young man with good physical strength is also about 6 hours up the mountain. The scenery at the top is really good. The boss of the mountain, will be at the top of the mountain and the temple of the ancestors separately arranged, to the temple of the ancestors asked down the mountain no one, convenient arrangement of the mountain top eating and living problems. When the rain boils rice, and it is tired and hungry, the rain boils rice is also very delicious 🤤 In the mountain, there must be less weight, more water and food, the top is very cold, enough clothes, the top is about 3200 altitude, slightly high. Mountaintop movement is no signal, from the temple of the ancestors up the mountain occasionally a little signal, so suggest never one person, two or three people have a care."