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Temple of Horus

Temple of Horus

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"Historical Site"
Open from 9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"The most complete temple of Horus in Egypt (Temple of Edfu) 📌The most complete temple in Egypt 📍Location: 123km north of Aswan, Egypt, 140km south of Luxor Recommendation index🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 ⛴Transportation: Boat tour (you can reach the scenic spots by horse-drawn carriage after docking, 20 minutes by horse-drawn carriage). 🎫Ticket: 60L.E. (2016) 🚧Opening time: 8:00am~16:00pm (night tour is already open, you can also enter at night) ⌚️Visit time: 1.5 hours 📌Architectural features: 🔸The Temple of Horus is the second largest temple in Egypt. It took, ah years, from Ptolemy III to Ptolemy XII (that is, Cleopatra's father) to be completed. Because it has been buried deep in quicksand since it was built, it was well preserved before the French discovered this temple. 🔹Because of the huge scale of the Horus temple complex, the mural reliefs on the walls are very complete and rich, and almost all the images of gods in ancient Greek myths can be seen. 🔸The temple of Horus also used three sets of columns to decorate the same temple at the same time. You can see the papyrus style, palm leaf column and lotus column respectively. 📝Travel tips: 1⃣️The temple of Horus must be explained throughout the whole process, otherwise it will not be digested. 2⃣️Because there are various temples along the way, it may be amazing from the beginning to the later aesthetic fatigue, so it is recommended to take more pictures. After the pictures are saved, they can be used for review after the trip or one day in the future. 3⃣️All buildings must follow the principle of not touching."