EL Nido
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Things To Do in EL Nido

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    Duli BeachPalawan,Philippines

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    Seven Commando BeachPalawan,Philippines

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    Corong Corong BeachPalawan,Philippines

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    Small LagoonPalawan,Philippines

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    Submariner Diving CenterPalawan,Philippines

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    Payong-Payong BeachPalawan,Philippines

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    EL Nido
    Known as the “country of a thousand islands,” the Philippines is full of surprises. Travelers can explore history and the arts in Manila, relax along some of the world’s best beaches on Boracay, dive under the waves on Bohol, or explore countless coves and bays on Palawan. With delicious cuisine, friendly people, and a proud culture, there are near infinite possibilities available to travelers. In this short article, we will survey several popular destinations and recommend things to see. When planning a trip to the Philippines, focus on what you hope to experience and narrow your focus to a few locations.
    avtarLove.Trip   22 May 2019
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    EL Nido
    In the western Philippines, there is an island archipelago with unique geology and majestic scenery. Known locally as “Heaven on Earth,” travelers who venture there cannot help but to agree. El Nido sits on the northern tip of Palawan Island, roughly 420 kilometers south-west of Manila. Owing to its location as part of the Sunda tectonic plate, the geology on El Nido is unlike anywhere else in the Philippines.
    avtarLove.Trip   10 May 2019

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