Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality
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Things To Do in Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality

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老鹰在飞翔Egeskov Slot is located in the southern part of Funen, the second largest island in Denmark. Built in 1554, it is the best-preserved Renaissance-style waterside castle in Europe. It takes 2.5 kilometers to reach the castle from Kværndrup station. The entrance fee to the castle is really expensive. Tickets for one student and one student cost RMB 400.
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CHONGFUOdense is world-renowned for being the hometown of Andersen. For many years, it has been welcoming people of different nationalities and classes from all over the world, and welcoming fans of Andersen's fairy tales and admirers of Andersen.   Now a house in the old town of Odense has been converted into a museum, and a large number of works and supplies of Andersen have been collected.
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M49***70Funen Village-Funen Island Open Air Museum, located in an old building complex. These are rural buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries that were later rebuilt into a complete village. It looks like a small village inside, with corrals, duck ponds, apple trees and gardens. It presents the original Danish life style, just like a complete picture of rural life. Come here to visit not only to experience Danish rural life, but also to participate in and get close to nature and animals. The attitude of living in harmony with nature expressed by Denmark can be seen in Yingfei Village.
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_We***07I read fairy tales written by Andersen as early as when I was in elementary school, so I was quite excited to come here. The environment here is very good, giving people a fairy tale feeling. I wondered if this is the reason why Andersen wrote it. Such a beautiful fairy tale.
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_We***95This is a great zoo. The focus is on animal welfare. The zoo separates animals according to the continent they live on, which is really great. The visit in the southern part of the United States was particularly good. You can start in tropical climate regions, and then go down to the Antarctic, to the polar regions. The temperature and humidity have been changing along the way to Antarctica. There are quite a few types of animals
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M49***70This is a Gothic cathedral built in the 14th century, which reflects the wealth and status of Odense during the Middle Ages. The interior is pure white, with a carefully decorated Rococo pulpit, a dazzling 16th century altar carving and more than 300 sculptures. King Knud of Denmark was assassinated in St. Aban’s Church in 1086 and was later buried in the church named after him.

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