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Things To Do in Fengkai

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Geological Sites
M39***05Catalog 4 Guangdong Fengkai National Geopark Fengkai National Geopark generally refers to this term. Guangdong Fengkai National Geopark is located in Fengkai County, Zhaoqing City, northwestern Guangdong Province, on the upper reaches of the Xijiang River, adjacent to Wuzhou City, Guangxi. At the Tropic of Cancer belt. In August 2005, the Ministry of Land and Resources approved as the fourth batch of national geoparks. The huge dome-shaped landform landscape composed of Yanshanian granite, the Paleozoic carbonate karst landscape, and the Zhangjiajie sandstone columnar peak forest landscape formed by the Devonian quartz sandstone in the park have condensed the 500 million years of vicissitudes in western Guangdong. , Records the evolutionary history of ancient humans in Lingnan.
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Geological Sites
M39***05Fengkai Longshan Scenic Area is a provincial-level scenic spot in Guangdong, known as "Little Guilin in Guangdong", covering an area of 129.3 hectares. In the scenic area, there are beautiful mountains and waters, birds and flowers, and the fascinating scenery set off by the reflections of the mountains and rivers; there are unique and magical limestone lava magical landscapes; there are also a variety of relaxing or exciting tourism activities. Entering the scenic spot will make you It is like returning to the embrace of nature, regaining a fresh, dreamy and vivid feeling.
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Geological Sites
璞石天祺Fengkai "Big Porphyry" is located in Banshi Village, Xinghua Town, 48 kilometers away from Fengkai County, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, in the ancient Guangxin River, in the National Geological Park. The "big boulder" is "a mountain with one stone" and stands tall. It is a hemispherical granite body with a height of 191.3 meters, a length of 1350 meters, a width of 695 meters, and a circumference of 4100 meters. It covers an area of 1101 acres. It looks like a mountain rising from a distance in the fields. Looking at the porphyry from the distance, the natural texture from top to bottom, like a waterfall roaring down from the top of the rock, is a spectacle. When I approached, I stood under the boulder and looked up. What is particularly amazing is that my child and I walked along the foot of the boulder for a long time, but we couldn't find a gap. Not long ago, I just watched the video album of "Geographic China" about "big porphyry": According to expert research, "big porphyry" was formed in the Mesozoic era more than 200 million years ago. It was formed by lava from volcanic eruption. Due to the stability around Fengkai , Superior geographical conditions, despite hundreds of thousands of years of vicissitudes of life, rain and sun, the rock mass of porphyry remains intact and seamless today, and the outer surface is almost weatherless. According to experts’ calculations, the part of the big porphyry outcropping the ground is only between 10% and 20% of the entire rock mass. The huge rock mass is still buried deep underground, so even after hundreds of millions of years, it still supports the porphyry as a mountain. ". Compared with the large porphyry, the Australian Ayers "redstone", known as the "world's first stone", has long been covered in crevice caves, and it looks very old. The life cycle of the large porphyry stone is still in the "mature age", so it is well-deserved "the world's first stone." Therefore, if you have the opportunity, you must come. Practical eggs Visitors can climb to the top of the mountain from both sides of the porphyry rocks. The mountains are full of lush forests and wild flowers. Standing on the top of the boulder, looking at the white horse (mountain) on the left, and the kylin (mountain) on the right, the idyllic and green fields in front of the terraces and rows of rice paddies make people feel the lingering world and endless reverie. Seal the big porphyry Tickets: free Address: Banshi Village, Xinghua Town, Fengkai County, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province Opening hours: all day Recommended reason: geological miracle, the largest rock in the world, a good place for self-driving parents and children.
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Geological Sites
M39***05Catalog 5 Thousand-layer Peak is located on the Huanggang River 8 kilometers southeast of Yulao Town, Fengkai County, Guangdong Province. It is composed of overlapping colorful sand shale and local calcareous shale. It belongs to the landform of sandstone peak forest. , Formed in the Mudpan Period 380 million years ago. It is also the mountain peak created by the Jialidong Orogen, the oldest orogenic movement in my country, and is one of the two standard areas for the Jialidong Orogen in Guangdong. The peaks here are towering, lush and green, the main peak is 233 meters high, like a long sword against the sky, straight into the sky, strange and steep. Although the mountain is not high, it combines "the wonder of Huangshan, the danger of Huashan, the beauty of Lushan, and the seclusion of Emei".
Nearby City
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Historical Architecture
CD云上I have not visited this snack street for a long time, I feel like I have returned to my childhood! Like back to middle school, with a few pocket money can buy a lot of snacks! Recommended reasons: there are many kinds, enough to give, taste authentic, authentic! Fair price! virginity is not bullying! Can buy a little bit of each stall, to really go shopping and eat, become a happy little train!
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Geological Sites
M39***05Huangyan Cave is located at the foothills of the southwest of Shiziyan in Heerkou Management District, Heerkou Town, Fengkai. It is a solitary Triassic limestone peak standing in a karst valley. The front of the cave is a sloping field, and the mountains behind it are horizontal, with undulating peaks. The entrance of the cave faces southwest with a relative elevation of 15 meters. The cave can be divided into upper and lower floors. There are branch holes on the west and south sides of the cave hall. In 1980, the People's Government of Guangdong Province announced it as a provincial cultural relics protection unit.

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