Fort William
Scottish Highlands
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Things To Do in Fort William

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E20***63Ben Nevis, this mountain is the highest mountain in the whole of Scotland, its English name is relatively long, the Scots have this mountain as their own glory, there will be clouds and snow on the top of this mountain. There is also a monument to the Allied forces during World War II on the mountainside which is very touching.
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天鹅湖的青蛙Located in the highlands of Scotland, this is a stretch of Lake Lin on the Bay of Lorne. Backed by the snow and ice of Ben Nevis Mountains. The surrounding mountains and valleys, I remember the Royal and Cabinet signed here to lead the resistance after the Cabinet was parachuted to London during World War II.
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E20***63This is one of the very beautiful hiking routes in the middle of the Grand Canyon. There are many hiking talents coming out between the canyons. The trail leads to the depths of the canyon and can go very far, because we didn’t walk in because we didn’t have enough time. .
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雨丝风片This place used to be the ancestral territory of the McDonald's family. Yes, it is the McDonald's, the American McDonald's burger fast food restaurant. They used to be the great nobles of Scotland. Unfortunately, the whole family was basically wiped out and became victims of religion and rights. A small group of people who escaped went to the United States and opened the current fast food chain McDonald's. No wonder that "Game of Thrones" is set here, and the beauty and history of the canyon are almost the same as those in "Game of Thrones".
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淼淼0301The West Highland Museum is very small. It is in a small house. It is hard to believe that it is a museum. It contains a lot of collections about West Highland. It is worth coming here. This museum is free and worth visiting.
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137***66This is a small old castle, partially collapsed. It is located by the side of the river. It is inconspicuous, but it has a historical background. It only takes ten minutes to visit. If you have extra time or stop by, you can visit it specially. Not necessary.

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Nevis RangeFort William,United Kingdom

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Old Inverlochy CastleFort William,United Kingdom

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Glen NevisFort William,United Kingdom

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Steall FallsFort William,United Kingdom

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Treasures of the EarthFort William,United Kingdom

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West Highland MuseumFort William,United Kingdom

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