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"Art Museum"
Open on Mon, Wed-Sun,10:00am-7:00pm (Local time)
""Life is art, art is life." Many times to Dongshankou, this is a hidden in the building of the art museum, the outside street with beautiful windows, some are common in life, some are old objects, it sounds very artistic, It's called the "Sapporo Museum of art". Address: First floor, G floor, Yida Building, No. 5, Nonglinxia Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou: Metro Line 1 or Line 6, Dongshankou Subway Station Exit C Opening Time: Monday, Wednesday to Sunday: 10:00—19:00 (Closed on Tuesday) Tickets: Free in Dongshankou, find such a literary and art museum, I am not surprised, the young master of Dongshan Xiguan, Dongshankou strong cultural atmosphere, the red brick old foreign houses and lush plants, can still feel here, unique historical traces and different life atmosphere. The beautiful thing is niche, it is not never follow the current, especially in the world aesthetic trend upstream, shimmering unique light, looking for Guangzhou steel cement forest, looking for the unique story of the city, bringing different colors to life. The artist song dong's exhibition of the boundless wall, which is now over, is a 106-meter window wall that has not been demolished and will be a permanent collection of the tan art gallery. "This wall is actually next to the market next door, and the art and the fireworks are on one side, no matter how exquisite the art, careful exploration is all from life, art is not high above, art from life, and there is a beautiful yearning in front of the glass window." There were shackles of fireworks behind the glass windows. There are countless windows, not much space in the middle, full of old things in life, like to gather all the small memories here, life is like this, there are ideals and trivialities, more or down-to-earth happiness, often the good life to support the bright outside Art is not out of reach, but the art of discovering the existence of art in life. Art is in our life more feel more think more different cognitive angles, may give you more inspiration in life, is not art can see and touch things? The interior exhibitions are held on an irregular basis, which allows art to enter the community and integrate with life, and to re-establish the neighborhood relationship in an artistic way, so that the art can go deep into life and make the community an unbounded museum, with a high-rise view of the buildings, which are unique architectural styles in Guangdong. A cultural section and history to be seen and touched here. # Photos of the superb exhibition"