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Things To Do in Gangneung-si

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City | ​​landmark
菩提彼岸Jeongdongjin Railway Station, the seaside sightseeing train, the whole journey takes 40 minutes. It is currently the closest train to the seaside in the world; a little bit closer is the bicycle track, and the sea view and experience are first-class. The settings of each car are different. The seats in the first and second cars are facing the sea, and there are small boxes; the third car has a bar, and the family car. The Korean drama "Hourglass" was filmed here, and now there are "props" such as pine trees and sculptures on site.
99 Reviews
Historical Site
kiviboiOn the day we arrived at Wuzhuxuan, we waived the 3000 won per person for the entrance fee because it was in time for the public open day. It is said that it is a residence, but it is actually more like a big park, and there are many people who come to stroll around. Speaking of Wuzhuxuan, they are famous for the two, one is the famous female painter Shin Shiindang from the Joseon era, and the other is her third son, the famous Confucian Lee Gok Lee Er from the Li Dynasty. It may not be clear to say the name alone, but the avatars at 50,000 won and 5,000 won are estimated to be enough for everyone to know the popularity of the two. Wuzhuxuan is the former residence of Shen Shirentang. According to legend, Li Er of Ligu was born in the Dream Dragon Room here. Today, as South Korea’s No. 165 treasure, it mainly shows the architectural style of the Joseon period. Among them, the Wencheng Temple dedicated to Mr. Sugaya attracts many people to incense, and it is probably to study luck. The whole Wuzhuxuan is not very big, so you can walk slowly, about an hour to finish shopping. In addition to the Aegok Memorial Hall where works are displayed, the Gangneung City Museum is also located in Wuzhuxuan Park. There is only a simple one floor. The collection is not as good as the former. You can choose to visit.
Gyeongpo Beach
63 Reviews
小鱼儿2015The beach is also a good place for light. The beach on the beach is also quite interesting. Many people enjoy the scenery here. The sea is relatively clean and there are many things on the beach.
Hourglass Park
75 Reviews
City Park
M38***13Get off at Jeongdongjin Station and go straight for about 100 meters to reach Hourglass Park. Hourglass Park is actually a beach park. Here is the world’s largest hourglass. It only flips once a year, and the sand leaks for exactly one year. The seaside scenes are still beautiful, and there is a train—it is the Jeongdongjin Time Museum.
71 Reviews
Historical Site
M38***13When I came out of Gyeongpodae, there happened to be an aunt about 50 at the consultation center who was working, so I ran to ask for a map. Auntie thought I was Korean, but found that I could not understand her. Ask me if I can understand English and answer "a little bit". She speaks fluent English with me, and I can only understand part of it. When she knew that I came to this place alone, she felt great. She asked me where I was going and answered "Jiangmen, I want to see the lighthouse". She didn't even know the existence of the lighthouse. She showed her pictures and told her that I thought the lighthouse was beautiful and wanted to see it. I told her about my route, and she told me that it would take a long time to travel and it would be better to take a car faster. However, I just want to walk around in such a quiet place, take a look, and slowly experience a different life. Later, she told me a story about Gyeongpodae, a romantic story. I always sigh in my heart that her English is so good, but mine is so bad. Bid farewell to my aunt, leave Jingpo Terrace, and walk along Jingpo Lake to the beach. There are several pavilions and platforms along the way. There are no people around. You can walk over and take pictures. It feels very leisurely and casual. In Gangneung, it is an ancient building in Gangneung. There is a beautiful legend in Gyeongpodae. It is said that eight moons can be seen during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Seongyojang House of Gangneung
61 Reviews
Historical Site
M38***13There are two large-scale hanok buildings around Gyeongpo Lake, and they are both filming locations of Korean dramas. One is Ojuxeon where "Saimdang" was filmed, and the other was "Gong" and "Sungkyunkwan Scandal". "Huang Jinyi" "Princess Man" and other Korean dramas Funabashizhuang. We chose Funabashi Village. For me, the reason is very simple, just because the "Palace" filmed here back then was a work that brought me back to Korean drama. For Rongrong, Mao Rabbit and Yu'er, the reason is also very simple, that is because I have not entered the main entrance before I come, and I can see a lotus pond, which seems to be more than 100 square meters, and there is a pavilion in the pond. The building is called the Huolai Pavilion, where the host entertains guests to admire the lotus. The reason why it is called Chuanqiaozhuang is because in the past, there was Jingpo Lake in front of the gate, so the means of transportation in and out of here was mainly by boat, so the name came from. However, the area of Gyeongpo Lake is gradually shrinking due to the accumulation of sediment over the years. Now the perimeter of the entire lake has shrunk by 4 kilometers compared to before. So although the current Chuanqiao Village is still very close to Gyeongpo Lake, it has been See the lake if you can't go out. The hill behind Chuanqiaozhuang is full of tall trees of unknown names, like a tropical rain forest, just the road behind Mao Rabbit, and you can see the steps up the hill if you keep walking, the hill is not high. I occasionally saw photos uploaded by others when I wandered outside the "wall" before I set off. The photos taken in the woods under light rain were quite sensible.

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Jeongdongjin-riGangneung-si,South Korea

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OjukheonGangneung-si,South Korea

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Gyeongpo Beach
Gyeongpo BeachGangneung-si,South Korea

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Hourglass Park
Hourglass ParkGangneung-si,South Korea

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GyeongpodaeGangneung-si,South Korea

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Seongyojang House of Gangneung
Seongyojang House of GangneungGangneung-si,South Korea

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Gangneung-si Weather

Dec 3, 2020
-1 ~ 9
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Dec 6, 2020
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Dec 3, 2020 Gangneung-si Weather:Clear, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:30%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:23/17:06
Gangneung-si Driving:Suitable, Running:Suitable, Cycling:Suitable

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