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Ganzi County

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Popular Attractions in Ganzi County

17 Reviews
Garze, Sichuan, China
Zhude Zongsiling Hewu Shige Huofo Memorial Hall
3 Reviews
Exhibition Hall
Garze, Sichuan, China
Larung Gar Buddhist Academy
486 Reviews
Seda Larong Wuming Buddhist Academy is a large Buddhist institute. It has thousands of wooden cabins scattered on the hillside. There are many paths in the Buddhist Academy. You can take a stroll on any of them. On the slope of the southwestern corner of the prayer tower, you can overlook the entire academy. You can also take photos of the entire academy there. If you are curious about the celestial burial ceremony, you can take a ride at the academy to watch it. The scene is quite shocking. However, please make sure you respect the local ethnic customs and take no photos.
Seda Sky Burial Platform
143 Reviews
Seda celestial burial platform is built between the Buddhist College and Seda County. It is built on a relatively flat half-mountain slope. The iron fence is used to form a flat land like a basketball court. That is the place where the celestial burial is carried out. The celestial burial is to feed the body of the deceased to the eagle, and the eagle flies into the sky after eating. The Tibetans believe that the deceased has ascended to heaven. Usually, after a person dies for a few days, the lama will be asked to go to the funeral.

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Trip Moments

The oldest surviving temple in Ganzi County: Degongbo Temple, also known as Hanren Temple. The Hanren Temple has been built since 1274 and has a history of more than 700 years. In 2012, archaeologists discovered the well-preserved murals of the Yuan Dynasty in the Han Chinese Temple. They depict the god of war, Mahra (the big black sky), and are the main gods worshipped in the temple. Yuanchao once set up the left-wing Mongolian and Hanjun Wanhufu in the Ganzi area. The Daluohuachi (the guardian ambassador) under the Wanhufu was responsible for leading the Mongolian and Han army, and the Yuan armys God of War Maha Very awe and worship, so the construction of the Temple of Degongbo to worship this god. At that time, due to the proposal of the Yuanba Kingdom, the Yuan Dynasty built more than 100 Maha Temples in the Yuandadu (Beijing) and across the country. Ganzi County Hanren Temple is the only preserved Yuan Dynasty Maha Lala Temple, very precious. The name of the Hanren Temple originated from the fact that its third living Buddha is a Han Chinese, so the temple has an obvious architectural style of Tibetan-Chinese fusion. This temple is also the most popular temple among the Ganzi temples. Into the hall, there are Tibetans coming in and out, following their direction, seeing an elderly lama sitting on the right side of the hall, sitting in front of him The Tibetans touched the top, and then took a kettle to pour a little on the Tibetan head and palms. The Tibetans took the water to the mouth and drank them, and then applied the remaining water to the tip of their forehead. When I asked, I realized that the Dalai Lama of the Hanren Temple had a very high mana. After he touched the top, he could criticize and prolong his life. There are countless Tibetans who have come a long way, only to ask the lamas to touch, but we have missed them. The door of the guardian temple, the endless stream of men, women and children around the hall on both sides of the corridor, turning around in a circle, we will stop, they will block their way. The ancient yellow muddy soil of the corridor is thick like a city wall, and the light is dim. We follow the people who turn around, like the drifting water in the running water. Many Tibetan old people squatted and clenched their hands, and the right hand twirled the prayer wheel and walked around. The entrance of the main hall, a row of cushions on the ground, several Tibetans and lamas on the top of the head: standing up straight, hands clasped over the head, crouching on the ground, hands palms up, five bodies cast, hands clasped over the head So repeating this week. Maybe someone who has just watched the movie "Gang Rinpoqi" has a deeper feeling in the face of sincere worship. Tibetan's persistence and determination of faith is inexplicably moved.
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