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Garzê is located in western Sichuan Province on the southeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is populated primarily by Tibetan people. The prefectural seat of Dartsedo (or Kangding) has been an important location for the tea and horse trade between the Han and Tibetan peoples since the Song dynasty (960-1279). The prefecture's Dêgê County is known as one of the three major centers of ancient culture, along with Lhasa, Tibet and Xiahe, Gannan. It is one of the important cradles of Tibetan culture. Garzê has many tourist attractions, including the Hailuogou Glacier Forest Park in Luding County, and Paoma (“Running Horse”) Mountain and Mugecuo Lake in Dartsedo. There is also the famous Luding Chain Bridge, which was designated as an important cultural site for preservation after the Liberation and had a revolutionary relic exhibition hall built to display historical materials related to the fight of the Red Army.
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Things To Do in Ganzizhou

Hailuogou Glacier Forest Park
2,901 Reviews
Snow Mountain
_We***21Amazing views and a photgrapher’s paradise. However, you need to be lucky with the weather to see everything. Also be prepared for the crowds. The cable car is incredibly high and long and defintely worth it as it’s the only way to access the top-most viewing platform.
Daocheng Yading
6,460 Reviews
Nature Reserve
Snow Mountain
rwwishartAn absolutely phenomenal destination. Budget an entire day and make sure you get an early start as the high-altitude makes the physical exertion more taxing. Transportation is provided to the trailhead but then you’re on your own. There are lots of stairs!
2,471 Reviews
埃文日记Mugecuo is a scenic spot that is easy to overlook when you visit Ganzi in western Sichuan. In fact, the scenery of Mugecuo is also outstanding in western Sichuan. In addition, it is located in Kangding, which is closer to Chengdu. You can consider spending a weekend. , Come to a relaxing and pleasant trip to Western Sichuan. Mugecuo is one of the largest alpine lakes in northwestern Sichuan. It is more than 3,700 meters above sea level, with a water area of nearly four square kilometers and a water depth of more than 70 meters. The entire scenic area is developed and built around this lake, so the core scenery of Mugecuo is the mountain lake, Snow-capped mountains and vast lawns. The sightseeing in the scenic spot is very simple: take the scenic bus directly to the deepest Mugecuohaizi, and then walk backwards in turn, get on and off at each scenic spot, bus-style play. There are many large and small scenic spots in the scenic area, but the core is three major areas: Mugecuo-Yaochi Boiling Spring-Qisehai. Checking in these three locations basically completed the tour of the essence of Mugecuo. Because Mugecuo adopts a sightseeing car to make a fixed tour, the efficiency is very high. It takes 3 hours to walk around the horse and watch, but it takes more than half a day to savor it, plus round-trip transportation, it is recommended to arrange a day. The temperature difference in Mugecuo Scenic Area is very large, especially the deepest Mugecuohaizi, even if you only wear short sleeves in summer, you will feel cold and swish, but once you start to visit it, the temperature becomes warmer. For more information, please see my travel notes.
Luding Bridge
551 Reviews
轻轻的一个蚊Luding Bridge is a suspension bridge across the Dadu River, which is an important passageway to Kangba Tibetan area in the interior of Sichuan Province. The bridge was built in 1705 years (Kangxi 44), and the three great characters of 'sadabashi' were written by Kohei gosho, and the monument was built at the end of the bridge, and the inscription of the inscription was' sadabashi 'and the whole mountain river was crossed, and the name was named in the prefecture. In 1935 5, the Red Army took the lead of the long march, and the 22 warriors led the assault force, and the edge of the iron rope advanced, and the bridge was destroyed and the enemy was defended at one stroke. "The sand water beats the Yunya warm, Dadu Bridge cross-iron rope cold."This poem from the small recitation in the ear,Walking on the Luding Bridge,Feel the rushing river water rushing from the foot,In the bridge at the end of the museum where,Visit the "flying the Luding Bridge"Battle scene, Admiration of the courage of the Red Army soldiers. Tip: Luding Bridge is 103.67 meters in length and 3 meters in width; there are 13 iron chains on the bridge, 2 iron chains on each side of the bridge fence, 9 iron chains on the bridge deck; each chain is composed of 862 to 997 iron rings, a total of 12164 iron rings; The height of the two end abutments is 20 meters, the height of the east end of the bridge head is 14.5 meters, and the height of the west end is 5.2 meters; the total weight of the iron parts of the bridge is more than 40 tons, of which the chain weight is 21 tons, the average chain weight is 1.6 tons; the total iron quantity of 1 transverse Wolong pile and 7 longitudinal Dilong pile is more than 20 tons; Each piece of wood plate is 3 meters long and 0.1 meters wide, the main aisle width in the middle of the bridge 0.75 meters, the aisle width in the armrest on both sides of the bridge 0.2 meters.
Gongga Shentang Hot Spring
140 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
埃文日记Hailuogou’s hot springs are well-known. See the glacier hot springs, which are perfectly matched. Evan reminds everyone of the following points: 1. Hailuogou Hot Spring is in the scenic area, but you do not need to buy tickets, you can directly navigate and drive to it; 2. The hot spring area is located in Gonghe Village. There are many choices. It is recommended to directly choose the largest hot spring-Gongga Shentang Hot Spring; 3. It is not necessary to stay in a hotel to go to Gongga Shentang Hot Spring. You can consider staying in the village or Moxi Ancient Town and buy a hot spring ticket separately; 4. Find a local person and an inn to book a hot spring ticket, which is more affordable than buying online; , If you want to shoot a large hot spring with few people and beautiful scenery, it is recommended to go during the day.
Yanzi Trench Scenic Area
180 Reviews
半坡居士2005Yesterday, I went, mainly to see the snow, which is good value for money. Because it belongs to the New Year's Day, I just started to take the car on the mountain, and the cars are waiting in line. But the scenic spot is coordinated and the car is not waiting for so long. . . It's not difficult to climb the snowy mountain, but it can be lit up before your eyes. . .

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Seda Sky Burial Platform
Seda Sky Burial PlatformGanzizhou,China

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Muya Golden Tower
Muya Golden TowerGanzizhou,China

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Luorong Cattle Farm
Luorong Cattle FarmGanzizhou,China

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Pearl Sea
Pearl SeaGanzizhou,China

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Ganzizhou Weather

Mar 1, 2021
-2 ~ 3
Mar 2, 2021
-2 / 9
Mar 3, 2021
Light rain
-1 / 9
Mar 4, 2021
Light rain
0 / 13
Mar 5, 2021
-1 / 7
Mar 6, 2021
-2 / 4
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Ganzizhou
Mar 1, 2021 Ganzizhou Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:67%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:39/19:11
Ganzizhou Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Very Low

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