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The oldest surviving temple in Ganzi County: Degongbo Temple, also known as Hanren Temple. The Hanren Temple has been built since 1274 and has a history of more than 700 years. In 2012, archaeologists discovered the well-preserved murals of the Yuan Dynasty in the Han Chinese Temple. They depict the god of war, Mahra (the big black sky), and are the main gods worshipped in the temple. Yuanchao once set up the left-wing Mongolian and Hanjun Wanhufu in the Ganzi area. The Daluohuachi (the guardian ambassador) under the Wanhufu was responsible for leading the Mongolian and Han army, and the Yuan armys God of War Maha Very awe and worship, so the construction of the Temple of Degongbo to worship this god. At that time, due to the proposal of the Yuanba Kingdom, the Yuan Dynasty built more than 100 Maha Temples in the Yuandadu (Beijing) and across the country. Ganzi County Hanren Temple is the only preserved Yuan Dynasty Maha Lala Temple, very precious. The name of the Hanren Temple originated from the fact that its third living Buddha is a Han Chinese, so the temple has an obvious architectural style of Tibetan-Chinese fusion. This temple is also the most popular temple among the Ganzi temples. Into the hall, there are Tibetans coming in and out, following their direction, seeing an elderly lama sitting on the right side of the hall, sitting in front of him The Tibetans touched the top, and then took a kettle to pour a little on the Tibetan head and palms. The Tibetans took the water to the mouth and drank them, and then applied the remaining water to the tip of their forehead. When I asked, I realized that the Dalai Lama of the Hanren Temple had a very high mana. After he touched the top, he could criticize and prolong his life. There are countless Tibetans who have come a long way, only to ask the lamas to touch, but we have missed them. The door of the guardian temple, the endless stream of men, women and children around the hall on both sides of the corridor, turning around in a circle, we will stop, they will block their way. The ancient yellow muddy soil of the corridor is thick like a city wall, and the light is dim. We follow the people who turn around, like the drifting water in the running water. Many Tibetan old people squatted and clenched their hands, and the right hand twirled the prayer wheel and walked around. The entrance of the main hall, a row of cushions on the ground, several Tibetans and lamas on the top of the head: standing up straight, hands clasped over the head, crouching on the ground, hands palms up, five bodies cast, hands clasped over the head So repeating this week. Maybe someone who has just watched the movie "Gang Rinpoqi" has a deeper feeling in the face of sincere worship. Tibetan's persistence and determination of faith is inexplicably moved.
I like to live in a place where I can see snow mountains or the sea. There are snow mountains, forests, lakes, lama temples and many cute little animals in the town, there are Tibetan horses, wild goats and the most lovely "ear fertilization circle" and the image of people is called "moving leather hat" ". Although I have not been to Jiuzhaigou and Hailuogou, the mountains and lakes of the Tupugou have made me intoxicated! Due to the undeveloped state of the town, the road to the mountain is covered with potholes and gravel of varying sizes, and there is almost no cell phone signal. However, along the way, you can see the largest lama temple in Chaluo Township and the Tibetan toast building that has experienced hundreds of years of vicissitudes. There are natural hot springs on the hillside that can be used to cook eggs, and break the rumors that the Tibetans only wash three times in their lifetime, because there are pools of Tibetans on both sides of the mountain road, they are soaking in Bathing and singing in the hot spring pool. At noon, we sat at the lake of Toubu and enjoyed the lake and the mountains for a simple lunch. The drivers brother told me that if you stand at the lake of Tuopu in June and July, you will make a squeaky sound. The fish in Pu Lake will hear you intimately. The time is fast, and the moment is approaching the afternoon. Due to the difficult road, we must embark on the road out of the mountain early, so we are reluctant to leave the beautiful and quiet Tuogougou.
Mount Gongga
There are always a few moments in a person's life that are worth collecting for a lifetime. There are always a few moments to hit the heart of the heart, and this is the case when you see the Gongga Snow Mountain, where the snow-capped peaks of the clouds stand under the blue sky and white clouds. Shocking, the feeling of touching the sea of clouds on the top of the cloud... said that the desire and reality are only one step away, and we have finally reached this goal by stepping over this step. It is your persistence and touched this mountain. From Hailuogou to Fantasia to Xinduqiao, we finally gave us this surprise at Zimeikou. That cold windy afternoon, I stood in front of the king of Lushan. I have seen a lot of snow-capped mountains. I thought I would face it calmly, but I was wrong. When I saw the magnificent snow-capped mountains and people When I was suffocating, I was deeply impressed! 4550 meters of Zimeikou, the continuous snow peaks lined up in front of the word, the highest main peak is like the king's general arrogant peaks, it is far from heaven, standing in the clouds, but overlooking the world, calm and warm, blue sky Under the white clouds, the king of Mount Lushan showed its beautiful outline very much. I came from afar, just for the appointment on your side. In front of the magnificent mountain, we are so small, make the most sincere wish, the camera shutter can be heard hundreds of meters away in the quiet valley. Sound, don't turn around, you know that you have been...
Yala Snow Mountain is located at the junction of Kangding, Daofu and Danba counties in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is 5,820 meters above sea level and is the second highest peak of the Daxue Mountain Range. It faces the Gongga Mountain and the peaks are covered with snow all year round. Standing in the Tagong grassland, you can see it. In the distance, the snow-capped mountains and the golden towers are the mountains of Yala. The snow-capped peaks are towering. Under the snow line is the redwood virgin forest. The mountain lake with an altitude of 4,000 meters, Youcuo (ie Haizi), is connected by ice waterfalls between the lake and the glaciers. The natural scenery is exceptionally beautiful. Yala Snow Mountain is still a virgin peak, and no climbers have successfully climbed to the top. Therefore, it is one of the most common ways to look at it, but the orientation and angle of viewing are different, and the shape of the mountain is different: it is crown-shaped from the direction of the Eight Beauty, and it is lotus-shaped from the direction of Xinduqiao. Competing with the Jinta, the Songhai and the glaciers are printed at the mouth of the station. Among them, the Bamei-Danba Highway is the best observation point overlooking the Yala Snow Mountain before entering the canyon downhill. We walked down the road along this landscape, and suddenly we changed the scene. There are towering cliffs on both sides. The roadside is very rushing river. The road is built according to the river and there are many corners. Like driving a car. The altitude is from 4000 meters straight down to 1780 meters. The river from the snowy mountains has been accompanied by the roadside. The virgin forests cover the sky, the mountains are covered with strange stones, and the red rocks are occasionally seen by the river. Although it didn't stop, it was great to drive in.
After eating lunch, the day was completely clear, and everyone finally saw the blue sky and white clouds, super excited, I feel that I can finally release the film today. Ask the driver where we are going next, he said to go to Huiyuan Temple, a lotus temple under the snowy mountains of Yala. A few times before, because it is not self-driving, or it is with a group, or a ride, seeing beautiful scenery along the way is always missed, can not stop, but fortunately we are a few smart, take the minority The boutique custom route, want to shoot and stop, properly, the driver is very familiar with this route, and many places he took us. The weather is good, and everything is beautiful. The beautiful scenery of the grasslands, forests, river valleys and glaciers near the Yala Snow Mountain is a beautiful picture that is constantly appearing in front of us. When the Huiyuan Temple arrived, I dont know if its Lai, or Lai Ling. I got off the car and started the self-proclaimed mode. I also took the opportunity to shoot some beautiful people. Before the bad weather, we were kneeling. After the brain, although this big noon is relatively dry, but everyone has not taken care of sunscreen. Huiyuan Temple was built in the 7th year of Qing Emperor Yongzheng (AD 1729). It is the only guru temple built by the state to set up, repair and offer incense. The temple has been rebuilt three times, and the temple is luxurious. It is a boutique of Khampa architecture, and there are various valuable cultural relics in the temple.
How to shoot the most beautiful in Seda? These places and photography guides are shared with you! , a sacred place. is a gem in the hearts of every photographer. It is a piece of jade, and it is also a place where countless photographers are eager to explore and explore. [Best location] 1 On the highest slope of the Buddhist College, it is also the most magnificent place. Arriving at the Mandala, I was fortunate enough to stand on a high point overlooking the valley. There are people who are long-headed everywhere, and there are people who are turning around. Also go through it! Turn on 108 laps for the one hundred and eight heroes that have emerged and are about to appear in your life. 1 shooting skills: If you want to take portrait photos, a stable tripod is a must. The angle between the position and the hall and the sun is about 100 degrees. Sidelight shooting can better shape light and shadow. The whole hall is shining brightly under the light of the morning sun. The houses around it are like the stars holding the moon, and the effect of the blur is better. 2 The southernmost hillside of the Buddhist College From the Larong Hotel to the hillside is about 2 kilometers round and round, and friends who drive by themselves can drive directly to this hillside. For many photographers, this is also a must. Personally, I really like the night view here. It is very memorable and very beautiful to take a commemorative photo here. Whether it is a Buddhist college or a celestial burial, it will strongly impact your senses. Maybe in the future and to blend in with the complex tastes, you have to rush on the road, but everything you see here will make you take a long time to recollect. The Buddhist College is gradually being dismantled, and it is late, and it may have changed.
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