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Things To Do in Gard

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Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
m35***24The scenic facilities are also good. There are wooden shade pavilions on the beach to rest and picnic. Many families take their children for vacation here, boating, diving, swimming, fishing...
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Historical Site
Historical Architecture
玉文麟章The small city of Nimes, close to the Mediterranean Sea, keeps warm all day long, "located at the crossroads of history and interpersonal communication", condensing the wisdom of the ancient Romans, the ancient relics, all kinds of colors, flowing with ancient Roman ideas. Nimes is the name of the spring water spirit, so there are many fountains in the small town of Nimes.
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Historical Site
猫猫在旅行There are many ancient Roman ruins in Nimes, and the Temple of Cali is the best preserved. The Kali Temple is square, so it is also called the Sifang Temple. This temple has a history of more than 2,000 years and is used to commemorate the two foreign adopted sons of Emperor St. Augustus. The shrine is characterized by many Corinthian columns with exquisite carvings. Now it is a museum.
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City Park
Historical Site
老二连The Nimes Fountain Garden is not only a place for citizens to take a walk and enjoy the scenery, but also many ancient Roman ruins, including the Temple of Diana and Manie Tower. This garden built in the 18th century was also one of the most charming public gardens in Europe at the time. Oak trees, Alpine pine forests, and plants with a unique Mediterranean temperament also make this garden full of romance.
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Historical Site
137***66[View] Stunning building [Fun] This is a must-see attraction in Trondheim. The cathedral is magnificent and its architecture is amazing. We visited this church under the guidance of a guide and learned a lot of background information about the cathedral and local history.
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Historical Site
老二连The ancient Roman lookout tower, La Tour de Magne, on the hills. The tower was originally used to look into the distance to prevent the enemy from invading. Now there are 140 steps left in the tower, but due to the weather, Also plundered by the rumors of the treasure, the appearance has long been broken. And standing on the top of the tower can overlook the whole city of Nimes, especially the central city left by ancient Rome. However, except for the small piece in the center of the line of sight, this small medieval city has long been surrounded by new cities outside.

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