Gemeinde Neuhaus am Klausenbach
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Things To Do in Gemeinde Neuhaus am Klausenbach

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Cultural Experiencial Area
小思文The castle tour is a very special activity in Austria. There are many castles in Austria that can be visited. The tour of the castle is also very unique. It is introduced and arranged by someone.
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E55***54beautiful scenery of the city. you can either take a lift or a cable to go up. sunset is amazing.
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13901694958The Old Town of Graz is located along the Mur River, a tributary of the Danube. It is the second largest city in Austria. It was an important trading center in the Middle Ages and later became the center of Graz. In 2002, the government rebuilt and modified the square and became a place for public gatherings and sightseeing. When the night comes, music is drifting around the square with soft lights, and the romantic and warm atmosphere is intoxicating.
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乖小咪Graz Cathedral is a famous church in Austria. Although the area of the church is not particularly large, the frescoes here are really super exquisite. Although they have gone through hundreds of years of history, they are still as bright as new. Many stories from the Bible are depicted here, and the special depth is definitely an out-and-out artistic treasure, worthy of everyone's appreciation.
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GeorgezouThe Armory in Graz is a paradise for weapons lovers. It is the world’s largest historical museum of weapons and equipment. There are many and comprehensive exhibits in it. Of course, this is not a modern weapon, so the most I see is armor. I understand it well. history.
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Historical Architecture
GeorgezouThe Graz Town Hall is located in the central square of the Old Town. It is a Renaissance building from the mid-16th century. The high serial corridors give people a sense of grandeur and grandeur. There is a very unique round marble fountain in one corner of the courtyard. It is surrounded by 5 beautiful bronze pillars. The foot of each pillar is shaped like a half-man and half a goat, supporting a delicately carved bronze. Gazebo.

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