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Instagram-Worthy Locations in Geneva


Lake Geneva

559 Reviews
1.8km from downtown
"The scenes are in ontreuux, switzerland, with a natural romance on the banks of the vast lake of geneva, where the lights and mountains are scattered with churches and dotted houses, which byron says are like pictures "With the nourishment and air that meditation requires" • I have always disliked traveling with groups. Recently, I wrote articles that were all practical routes I summarized freely. Although I know nothing about Hulunber's route, I hope that there will be some help for my friends who are traveling to Switzerland ~. Only public accommodation: you can choose from Lausanne, Montreux and Wowe. The train is not far from the convenient, I chose to be in the Montreux Ulotte Hotel Eurotelmontreux Lake View Economy Room 956RMB/night Elegant Lake View Twin Room 1460 yuan/night Three minutes walk from the train station, the view of the lake from the balcony of the room is beautiful. You can walk or bus to Xiyong Castle, the scenery along the way will not let you down ~ This price accommodation is really cost-effective in Switzerland."

Reasons to Recommend: Lake Geneva is also known as Lake Geneva. The entire Lake Geneva is a crescent-shaped lake that spans Switzerland and France. It is an important lake in Western Europe and a famous scenic spot and health resort. During the day you can take a boat trip to Lake Geneva, indulge in the neon lights on the shore at night, and often have a luxury cruise ship to hold a concert or dance on the lake.

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Palace of Nations

268 Reviews
3.1km from downtown
Historical Architecture
Lavender and Sun
"Across the winding Alps, the Palais des Nations, also known as the League of Nations, is the headquarters of the former United Nations League of Nations, now the United Nations Office at Geneva."

Reasons to Recommend: The Palais des Nations is the headquarters of the former United Nations “International Alliance” and is now the European headquarters of the United Nations. It is located on the shores of Lake Geneva on the northeastern outskirts of Geneva, facing the hustle and bustle of the Alps. The Palais des Nations is made up of 4 magnificent buildings surrounded by green trees and beautiful surroundings. As the residence of many UN agencies, the Palais des Nations is the place to hold important meetings.

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Flower Clock

206 Reviews
929m from downtown
"Next to Lake Geneva, you pass by every day, this is a famous attraction, it's a big one, but I don't think it's much to see, it's a clock made of flowers, it might mean a lot."

Reasons to Recommend: The flower clock is located on the banks of Lake Geneva, on the west side of the English Garden. The combination of flowers and clocks makes it the name of Geneva's “City of Clocks” and has become a symbol of Geneva. The mechanical structure of the clock is set underground. The clock face on the ground and the Arabic numerals representing 12 hours are covered by fresh green grass or flowers, and new patterns change with the seasons. After visiting the flower clock, you can visit the large fountain in the lake along Lake Geneva.

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Broken Chair

79 Reviews
2.7km from downtown
"On the square outside the Palais des Nations in Geneva, there is a 12-meter-high, 5-ton sculpture-a wooden chair with broken legs. The author of the sculpture, Daniel of Switzerland, gave the subtitle: Living with Dignity. The sculpture symbolizes the damage caused by landmines to human flesh, reveals the disasters that war has brought to the world, and shows that peace is the common yearning of mankind."

Reasons to Recommend: The Wooden Chair with a Broken Leg, located in the square in front of the Palais des Nations is a sculpture by the Geneva artist Daniel Besett. It was established in 1997 when the International Disabled Persons' Federation appealed to people to pay attention to the harm caused to civilians by landmines in war. Although this sculpture is only an "attraction" for seeing, it has a very special significance. There is no written description around the sculpture, but the broken leg undoubtedly symbolizes the human body which has suffered a loss by the landmine explosion, leaving people with thoughts about war and peace.

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English Garden

77 Reviews
974m from downtown
"Located on Lake Geneva, the English Garden is a very easy to miss attraction just behind the flower clock. The garden on the lakeside is very beautiful, passing the garden today is catching up with a person blowing bubbles, colorful bubbles floating near the fountain, very dreamy, very interesting. [Fun] There are some festivals and food festivals in summer, but sometimes at night there are some drinkers who have been very unconsciously to throw bottles and glasses here, is the city garbage more place. Free city park."

Botanical Garden

27 Reviews
3.2km from downtown
Botanical Garden
"Not far from the Palais des Nations, the botanical garden is not very large, and there are several small greenhouses, which are worth visiting. There is also a sheep pen in the botanical garden with blacknose sheep unique to Zermatt in Switzerland."

Chateau de Penthes

5 Reviews
3.8km from downtown
"Two stops from the Palais des Nations, take bus No. 20. The museum is a bit small, and it accepts 10 yuan tickets, but it is free on the first Sunday of every month. The park where it is located is pleasant, with green grass and wildflowers all over the mountains, and trees supporting the sky. It is not a check-in point, but it overlooks Lake Geneva."

Reformation Monument

38 Reviews
353m from downtown
"The Religious Reform Monument at the University of Geneva is a must-do place in Geneva. The views are different all year round and the spring, summer and autumn are beautiful. There are also activities in summer and picnics are great options. [Good value] free visit."