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Botanical Garden
Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple and Zen GardensNearby City

Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple and Zen Gardens

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"Botanical Garden"
"Inside the belly has the feeling of Daqiankun blissful temple and the yiyuan resort malaysia to me, has been the back garden of our country's star performers, lin junjie, sun yanzi and other singers I love are malaysians, even the most recent love of the debater yan rujing from this country. Think of traveling to Malay, language is not a problem, diet can also adapt, in short, there is no harm. So, to the bliss temple and the garlic garden resort! On the day of the tour, the guide led us to a place with a good natural scenery, the Yongjile Temple and the Lingyuan Resort, got off the bus, saw green trees covered the mountains. In the middle of the low mountain, there was a cluster of green lake water, the calm lake reflected the white clouds in the sky. The guide took us into a cave and found out that there was really a cave inside the mountain! There were huge statues of jade carved in the cave, and there were many stone buddha in the short place. Going on, there is a cave, stalactites, stone pillars, all sorts of things, plus the light, like the daylight came to the Western Travels in the wire hole, very interesting! Out of the cave, we came to a quiet garden behind it, the site of the lake we had seen before, and after a short stroll we left. Warm tips are that the toilets and parking are free but close at 5.30pm and friends should arrange their time reasonably!"