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Things To Do in Gongju-si

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M38***13O-World in Daejeon, South Korea is the premier theme park in the central region of South Korea. It can be roughly divided into three sections, namely a garden where you can enjoy various flowers, a zoo as the main park, and JoyLand amusement park with various amusement facilities. Here you can not only appreciate various plants and animals, but also experience various entertainment facilities. There are 20 themed gardens in the garden area, where you can see trees and flowers throughout the year. For example, a rose garden composed of various roses such as roses, four seasons roses, and peace roses; a herb garden with charming aromas such as rosemary, jasmine, mint and lavender, etc. The zoo displays American black bears, lions, Bengal tigers, elephants, giraffes, zebras, ostriches and other animals. In the amusement park, there are a variety of rides such as roller coasters, giant drops, and super pirates.
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E33***33in Everland, there are sub areas where you can enjoy thrill rides and rides suitable for kids. do enter the zootopia as it offers an upclose with the animals. the safari ride also allows you to see the wildlife in their natural habitat and their behaviours.
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City Park
M38***13Daejeon EXPO Science Park is a very good local small park. You can see a lot of park landscapes inside the square. Many parks are rich in plant species, and the area of the Science Park is quite large. The park currently has Guangming Tower, 3D Film and Television Pavilion, Space Adventure Pavilion, Earth Pavilion, Natural Life Pavilion, Electric Energy Pavilion, Energy Pavilion, Science Game Pavilion, etc. In addition, the Science Park also has a luminous square, music fountain, swimming pool, skating rink and so on.
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空空CJThe museum, which is a museum of the rise and fall of Japanese civilization, tells about the impact of Japanese civilization on money. It is worth a visit to learn about the origins of money, currency exchange, trade policy, political influence in different countries. However, no photos allowed here, if only you can take pictures. Leave 2 hours to visit and it is well worth it.
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coo***anDaecheong Lake is the third largest man-made lake in South Korea, and its name is derived from the "big" character in Daejeon and the character "qing" in Cheongwon County. Construction started in 1975 and completed in 1980. It has a water storage capacity of 1.5 billion tons and provides various water such as drinking water to Daejeon and Cheongju. In addition, Dacheong Lake has a beautiful view of the lakeside road in autumn, and you can see a more beautiful view of Dacheong Lake when you climb the observatory of the dam. The current situation of the dam can be seen at a glance in the publicity hall of the dam. There are also many amusement facilities such as a three-dimensional movie and an aquarium. In Daqing Lake, many migratory birds come to build nests every season. In summer, you can often see egrets whirling at low altitude near Daqing Dam. Daqing Lake is one of the eight scenic spots in Daejeon due to its exceptionally beautiful scenery. The vast Jinjiang River and the many small islands in the lake complement each other, which is reminiscent of Xianli Waterway in Marine Park
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M38***13Daejeon Education Museum is divided into 9 exhibition rooms and 3 exhibition halls, outdoor exhibition market and various ancillary facilities. More than 27,000 pieces of education-related cultural relics including textbooks used in the past, education-related books, educational learning records, faculty and student bookcases, office supplies, etc. are preserved and displayed, and are used as learning spaces for students in coordination with educational courses. Based on various exhibition rooms, through the Daejeon Education Museum, you can understand Korean education, life, folklore, and culture at a glance. It is an excellent educational space.

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King Muryeong's Tomb and Songsan-ri Burial MoundsGongju-si,South Korea

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Gongju National MuseumGongju-si,South Korea

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Muryeong Wangreung Exhibition HallGongju-si,South Korea

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