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Ortahisar KalesiNearby City

Ortahisar Kalesi

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"Historical Architecture"
"Mythical Turkey, the origin of the landmark building can be seen from the remarkable landmark of Ortahisar Kalesi. The name Ortahisar Kalesi is derived from the jagged castle in the center of the tower. This place is not as famous as other places in Turkey. It's just the name of the rural town of Cappadocia. Moreover, no major tour groups have this line. I also came to see the variety show of "Sister Hua Yang" last time. This castle is actually a kind of ruined earthen building. It was used to resist foreign invasion during the Byzantine era. Because of its irregular shape, it is very distinctive. When it climbs to the top, it overlooks the entire town and the hot air balloon in the distance. The scenery is magnificent. There are a lot of small stalls downstairs, which is quite tiring to climb upstairs. They sell all kinds of dried fruits, and they can also be tried for free. We bought 3 packs of hawthorn, red dates, etc. It was quite interesting to eat while climbing. Although it looks very narrow from the outside, the inside is actually quite different. The distance between the stairs is still quite large, but it is a bit steep, a bit of a test of physical strength, so it is still a little breathless to climb to the stands. The scenery is super fantastic because we went there in the afternoon, so when we climbed up, the sun already felt a little bit west. Against the hot wind, watching the brightly colored hot air balloons floating up and down in the sky and the quaint, old, but very lifelike town in the distance, it is really exactly the same as the picture in the variety show. It is really hard to imagine, how could there be such a beautiful place in the world!"