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Urgup Balloons

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"Aerial Tour"
NianXiao Yi
"Visitors around the world are attracted to the hot air balloon of Cappadocia, so the hot air balloon here is almost always hot in the peak season, always hot, it is recommended to complete the reservation of the hot air balloon in advance 2-3 months can be divided into two most effective channels: First, the official website reservation, All the famous hot air balloon companies have their own websites, directly book, simple and efficient, and if they encounter bad weather delay flights, the company will give priority to protecting their websites to the guests booked, followed by through the agent, Royal, Butterfly, Voyage, Kapadokya and Urgup for the choice of hot air balloon companies, the above five are selected according to the price and safety coefficient, basically no big difference second, hotel reservation, this channel is a prerequisite, that is, the hotel is reliable, the source is rich, like the big net red hotels are basically no problem, For example, in Mithra, I just booked a hot air balloon quotation and sent an email. You can help me book it. The price is moderate. There are also a number of companies available. When it is difficult to find a ticket for hot air balloon, your hotel can save your effective contact. The third is through the travel agency. Personally heard a lot of examples of not flying or ripping off, so not recommended unless you can't really get a ticket, bet a hot air balloon can be expensive, this is true! Price is basically different from 150-250 Euro per person. Major hot air balloon companies are divided into different types. There is a time for flight. Time, 1hours / 1.5hours has a basket for size, garlic 20-30 people, the price is a little cheaper; Xiaojuan 10-15 People, the price is more expensive, there are the first flight first flight, also known as sunrise sunrise flight, first of all, the airflow before sunrise is stable, the possibility of flying is the greatest, and secondly, watching the sunrise in Cappadokia is the best experience ticket price including pick-up and breakfast, hotel pick-up time, Will confirm one day in advance, basically in: Summer (April to October): 4:00 to 5:00 AMWinter (November to March): 5:00 to 6 AM free time to return, basically 8:30 can return to the hotel process: received an email confirmation one day in advance, the balloon company people 5:15 to pick up the hotel, take the car in the morning, first arrive at the balloon company, mainly register the name, Then eat breakfast and Turkish black tea, wait to confirm whether to fly, red does not fly, yellow is pending, green can fly, everyone is waiting for the message in the room, look forward to the appearance of green flag hot air balloon company will group everyone according to the color, about 15-20min, confirm to fly, The pilots will organize the rides to the airfields and the balloons will be lifted up with fuel, and the one-hour balloons will begin, and it will be worth the wait and hope to see the character of cappadocia and the sunrise that will be enjoyed. It's really beautiful. After about an hour, we've seen balloons drop and land, the helium of the balloons slow down on the trailer of the car, and the staff help us to make sure we land smoothly and accurately. Certificates and medals - of course photos taken by the staff can be purchased, the whole 3hours, the hot air balloon tour ended"