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Lake Simcoe

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"[Entertainment Experience Raiders] Purely looks at the location very close to Toronto, driving does not take an hour to reach Lake Simcoe, Cook's Bay, and the Chinese open ice fishing service, immediately let friends go to play. Pick a good day, wooden house category, time on the official website, pay the deposit after placing the order! The weather was crazy on the day of departure, and I was a little worried that the ice lake would not be strong enough. Fortunately, I saw the lake after arriving and still hard! The clerk said that there was no ice fishing after the 10th. Haha! Can catch up with play once, good and good must play items: We are 5 people in the line, so we can not choose the small room, only pick the middle room. After arriving at check in half an hour in advance, there is a special person to drive a snow car to send us to the log cabin. This log cabin is spacious and comfortable, with all the facilities. Outside: Gas tank, solar panel house: board bed [ chair ], gas heater, gas stove, USB plug, light switch, small folding table. The medium-sized cabin is suitable for 2-6 people, so there are 6 lids on the ground, open the lid is already open. Because there was a cooling before, so there is a slight ice, the master with ice chisel smash clean, can start ice fishing activities. The ice cave can see the lake is not deep, can see the bottom, occasionally there are fish swimming around, can watch the fish bite the bait, eye-catching process is very addictive! Of course not ice fishing babies can like us, bring their own hot pot package, while fishing eat, super cool. By sunset, the sunset scenery on the ice lake is really beautiful, although the wind is big and cold, there is no obstruction to take pictures of the mood! After sunset, it becomes dark, and the cabin turns on the light, but you can't see the fish in the ice cave. You can only know if you have caught the fish by the feeling of fishing pole! The sky outside the lake is beautiful at night, the distant clouds are light, super dreamy! The 4-hour ice fishing activity feels like it will soon end. The exclusive driver came to the cabin and picked up the beach. Small tips: the stove is warm enough to go to the cabin without fear of being cold and windy. The hat and warm clothes are not missing the whole activity. There is no restroom. Before going to the cabin, go to the nearby restroom. Whether it is boiled drinking water or drinking water, you must bring your own snowmobile will be a bit dirty, don't say light clothes on the lake ice will be a bit slippery, warm and non-slip shoes must be put on I hope I didn't write a leak! Haha! I feel that I have to go again at the end of the winter this year. Good winter activities per capita consumption: 40cad Traffic Raiders: Self-driving"