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Popular Attractions in Guangdong

Chimelong Safari Park
43,766 Reviews
Chimelong Safari Park is part of the Chimelong Tourist Resort. Located in Guangzhou's Panyu, it is China's first and Guangzhou's only "AAAAA" grade scenic area. It is also the filming location of the famous reality show “Dad, Where Are We Going”. The park spans over 2000 acres of land including a large section of undisrupted Southeast China subtropical rainforest making it the largest eco-zoo in China. The park contains many wild animals from all over the world, of which many are rare species. It is a great place for family trips, there are plenty of animal performances in the park, and there is also a park zone designed specifically for children. It's a lot of fun!
Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
30,139 Reviews
Located in Hengqin, Zhuhai, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is an enormous marine theme park. The park has a total of eight theme areas, including marine exhibition halls, active amusement facilities and animal performances. You can see a lot of rare marine species, interesting dolphin shows, and also experience the nearly 20-story flying roller coaster. There are exciting parades and fireworks on display too.
Chimelong Paradise
15,720 Reviews
Amusement Park
Chimelong Paradise is one of the top amusement parks in China. It has a wide range of amusement facilities. Whether you are looking for attractions that are exciting, of higher difficulty level or something more comforting, Chimelong Paradise has it all installed for you. It is suitable for tourists of all ages. There are several large amusement instalments in the park, and there are also exciting performances and parades all day round. Many theme events are held here during the holidays. These events are rich in content and highly popular.
Canton Tower
21,663 Reviews
Modern Architecture
Canton Tower is currently one of the tallest towers in China. Due to its unique shape, it is also known as "Slim Waist" and is a landmark of Guangzhou. The tower has a stunning nightview and it is one of the main venues for the Guangzhou International Light Festival each year. At the observation platform, you are offered a bird's eye view of the entire Guangzhou skyline. There is also a world's highest ferris wheel located at the top of the 1,480 ft tower. The tower is a frequent host to high altitude extreme sports programmes.

Trip Moments

Mimo Chiu   
And girlfriends met for a whole decade. Read souvenirs designed interior designer she has done, read environmental art and design everywhere I became a travel blogger. Just recently she studied in Guangzhou, so we each bring their boyfriend to go on vacation, do not have time to go to Bali, you can live with the money Bali Well!  Hotels: Guangzhou Zengcheng District Holiday Chalet Mountain State Forest, house prices in 780-880, the weekend will be more expensive. Trip will be able to set. ? Transportation: a hotel inside the park, the best car, also can take a taxi to go, return a good idea to contact a good driver. Room: It is said A8, A10 best look, this time we live in is B3, pictures are beautiful. The big room on three sides by windows, looking out a lovely balcony in each place with bath, cold water hot water.  Facilities: The hotel has a swimming pool, flowers, ground milk experience and so on. Close to within half an hour's drive are no restaurant, but the hotel itself has a restaurant, eat peasant food that, at prices ranging from 38-68, taste okay, open to 8:30 pm. Reminder: bring more dry food drinks, we buy bread, fruit, beverage just when taking pictures props; remember to bring mosquito water, mosquitoes super multi-; to bring a swimsuit! Bath may be the way to take pictures in the room. Place Hotel a few beautiful images:: camera tips room balcony, A stone staircase area, B area wooden stairs, woods road; ins wind photographed props: woven bags, raffia hats, flowers, fruits (hotel send) English magazine, Yan high-value mobile phone.
Posted: 28 Nov 2018
The card red restaurant that Kashunde is most popular with locals, the feeling of eating high-value tea and eating
Guangdong people like to "drink tea", and more like the "tea point" that people can't stop. Today, I would like to give you a new "Easy Shunde" new network red punch card point - "Looking for Shunde Zhenzhibao Royal Products (Ronggui shop)"!
This "Jenzhibao Royal" on the 4th and 5th floors of Junling Plaza, Junrun Commercial Building, Ronggui Dongdi Road, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, is a new store that opened soon, but because of "Zhenzhi "Bao" is an old name, and the waiting area on the first floor facade is filled with diners who are "waiting for feeding", which is very popular!
"Zhen Zhi Yu Royal" inside the extra spacious dining environment and incomparably exquisite decoration details, I deeply impressed me. There are not only halls and small boxes, but also private rooms that can meet the needs of different groups of people! The most praised is the invincible big river view, the superbly beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows will bring the outdoor bright into the dining area, and the mood of the foodies will become good!
(16.8 yuan / 4) comes with a scent of pets, rabbits, and rabbits! But don't be deceived by this cute sale. In fact, the super-high deity is almond frozen! The taste of Q is smooth and delicious!
Recommended dishes: chilled meat (48 yuan / serving) Each piece of meat is meat, no bones! The feeling of eating meat is so good! The orange-golded meat and the crystal-clear ice are very nice, and the crispy skin is more refreshing and non-greasy after chilling!
(28/) This is a snack that can see the miracle! When the milk meets the ginger juice, a wonderful chemical change has occurred. The two liquids meet for a few tens of seconds and become semi-solid! The fragrant, spicy and spicy thick ginger juice becomes "gentle" under the "favorite" of fresh milk. It tastes warm and warm in one bite!
(23.8/) The special black sugar syrup is very pure and nourishing! The texture of the beautiful jelly is tender, smooth and not broken. I changed my inherent thinking about tofu!
Supreme Black Truffle Xiao Long Bao (28 yuan / 5 pieces) 5 black shiny small dumplings is a little challenged by my traditional aesthetic of Xiao Long Bao... The highly nutritious black truffle not only makes The traditional Xiaolongbao "groom" has risen a lot, and the most important thing is to make the taste of the thin and juicy dumplings richer.
[business hours] 08
Posted: 1 Sep 2019
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