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Zhaohua Ancient Town
The ancient city of Zhaohua is located in the south of the Qinling Mountains. It is located in the cradle of Daba Mountain. The Sanjiang River meets and the north and south pass. It has been the seat of the county since the day of its birth. It has been uninterrupted and has lived for more than 2,300 years. I don't know if it is in adolescence or in a strong age. I only feel that it is just as fragrant. Everywhere, there is a magnetic attraction that confuses people. There are hundreds of people living here, the wall is ruined, antique, in my opinion, the ancient city is very deep, very hidden, very elegant, can not see through, its beauty is not only in the appearance of the simple beauty is still in the bones. The ancient city site was unearthed, and many rare cultural relics traced the history to more than 4,000 years ago. The fire spread to the Guanghan Sanxingdui civilization, and the stone was shocked. From ancient times, Zhaohua Ancient City carried the most basic cultural elements of Chinese civilization, and was called "the first county of Bashu and the second capital of Shu State" by historians. Walking in the streets of the ancient city, you will always pick up the treasures of history and culture or the treasures of folk customs. The mottled wall forms a living black and white ink, and the vicissitudes of life are born. quiet and quiet, people are less beautiful, let you really stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and discover the true meaning of life. Walk the ancient city, no matter which small stone bridge you step on, hand care which piece of broken wall, even if you just walk into an alley, you can feel a thick mixed The atmosphere of history and culture, do not deliberate, no effort. The heavy chapter of history slowly unfolds to you, The historical figures who go deep into the soul stand in front of you, this is the charm of the ancient city.
Chuan Dongyu
Xuexi (Snowy Jade) Cave
Xuexi Cave
The time to Guangyuan was more casual, so I punched the super famous cat coffee in Guangyuan. The store was very clean and tidy. When I went, the people in the store were super, but very quiet, the cats and cats were leisurely. Have to pacing, or curl up on the stool chair table. When you enter the store, you need to wash your hands with disinfectant. From this, the store really cares about the hygiene and health of the cat. There is no smell in the store, and there is a touch of incense. On a sunny spring afternoon, it is great to have a cup of afternoon tea. You can also choose some snacks to buy cats and cats in the store. The seven cats have their own characteristics and are super cute. Finally, share the notes about the cat coffee card: 1. Don't disturb the sleeping cat. If the cat is sleeping, don't touch or even lift it, we can hide Take a picture of it quietly (be careful to turn off the shutter sound~) or go to other cats. We love cats and we respect cats. 2. Pay attention to the mood of the cat and know how to protect yourself. Different cats also have different personalities. If they are lively, they will be lazy. If they have relatives, they will be lonely. Before you contact the cat, observe or carefully test it. If the cat does not like you, it is better to choose another target. After all, the strong twisted melon is not sweet. The cat is cute, but if you force your cat to be scratched, you will lose some of it. Address: 101 West Third Ring Road, 73 Micang Road
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