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Chimelong Bird Park
Chime-Long Paradise birds have four characteristics: Showcase screenings dense wetland animal park. Wetlands wide range of animals in the swamp; reptiles range, a large number of reptiles show park; a large number of crocodile animal theme park. I entered just in time for the birds of paradise birds show, I dare say this is the most shocking I've ever seen birds show: In the trainer's call, pelicans, red-crowned cranes, flamingos flying time from my eyes it's a bit stunned me that I even forgot to press the hands of the shutter. I have never seen such large birds shocking performances by advocates called on people to protect the bird's environment for birds. People can be peaceful coexistence is my favorite. It is recommended that parents bring their children over to watch it at home than children summer look pig Pei Qijiang more. Tips: East Pavilion Opening hours Opening hours: 09: 30-18: 00 West Hours: 10: 45-18: 00 Park No smoking in the park due to the birds with joy in the world are not together, so some differences traffic information: ● Changlong Group 1 free shuttle bus ride to the Guangzhou Metro line 2 will stop the river from C exit the station, take the free shuttle bus Changlong Group direct long-long bird paradise. First bus 9:40 min., 17: 30 last train journey takes approximately 3 minutes, generally about a train every 30 minutes, holiday (including summer vacation) about a train every 15 minutes. 2, take the Guangzhou Metro Line 3 to the Han River Changlong Station, E exit from the station, the shuttle bus at the stop sign take a ride Changlong Changlong Group free shuttle bus to Chimelong Safari South Gate off, birds of paradise free shuttle bus directly to a long, long bird paradise. ● Bus ride free shuttle bus to take the bus 304,562,288,301, Fan 13, Luoxi to Shiqiao line, in the long-long stop wild animal world, Changlong Wild Animal World in the north gate three giraffes Changlong Group, a free ride at the shuttle bus directly to a long, long bird paradise. ● Self-driving Panyu boulder 105 National Road river crossing will be transferred via Metro Line 2 Huijiang Station forward 1.5 km turn right to reach the 1 km long bird paradise.
Rejoicing house is pub style, similar in Japan Izakaya basic office workers canteen. They like to drink a glass of something to eat was more than an hour tram ride home. In Guangzhou, of course, I ate this and other goods to use the service. Into the door, tatami seat, ready to take off your shoe sister clerk handed him shoes, I Lengle Leng, put on a position, Would like to say with a very slippery shoe covers tatami go bad walked. Open the menu, and she izakaya, ramen, sushi, barbecue all have, I would like to barbecue was the best pub should be level, so ordered scallops, eel, chicken skin, chicken and chicken cartilage treasure. Chicken skin, chicken Po burn very well. Brown grease should burn out, do not focus itself is crisp and not greasy is the test effort, he managed to get enough fat layer also will be very tired, the roasted fire will focus. Unfortunately, the addition of cumin powder, abruptly put off a smell of chicken, significantly reduced. You may want to store guests can order when consulting whether to add the cumin powder. Eight consistent sushi platter, all warships sushi, each tiny, beautiful colors. Did not indicate which specific, serve a smell durian flavor I do not eat durian on the menu, although finally tasted acceptable if the service personnel to remind would be better. Their warship sushi salmon, eel, swallow sand, crab roe, mango, butter, etc., with good. $ 88 sashimi platter there are 6, 2 Each, the right size, shrimp sashimi shrimp intestines have picked clean, I like this detail.
That day has finally come and sisters happy to mention the unruly famous dessert tree. Yan has to say high value, beautiful pictures. The whole package with a reasonable, salty dessert drink is free to choose. It is recommended to select Darjeeling tea image text I wrote missed coffee/soda a second election. Soda camera of choice for English afternoon tea with two cups of high color has original value pink champagne. I want to pick a robust Japanese-style strap burn! Thick shells teeth juicy, salty Melaleuca bottom of the pastry Ye Hao delicious. (there is a single product that can buy it) Equally well as green tea pudding dessert in there with the bird's nest to eat. Yoji nectar also can be coated lipstick can eat chocolate play has helped you think it over. The first coat of red lips on the mouth, then swallow, coupled with your Spirit this beauty you will vibrato do not intend to shoot it. Hi Chi love stores color is grey Morandi system. I picked out a white chiffon dress, retro and elegant. The most appropriate shooting location, just inside the shop delicious desserts. Certainly not enough to attract us in the past, the critical environment is also beautiful, and exclusive mangrove photo must be fast! Because of the dry ice not last, the three of us turns to ice almost finished, exhausted. Also, stairs leading to the second floor is lovely, it is recommended people standing against the wall position. There is a second floor on the first floor of the light than good.
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