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Guyuan County was first inhabited roughly 6000 years ago during the Neolithic Age. It is under the administration of Zhangjiakou City, and is located in the north of Hebei Province, in the upper reaches of the Shandian River, neighboring the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The local area teems with famous agricultural specialties such as hulless oat grass, the citron daylily, and potatoes. Famous scenic spots include ancient tombs of Yuan Dynasty rulers, Shuzhuanglou, and the Wuhua Meadows.
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Things To Do in Guyuanxian

Lightning Lake
371 Reviews
惊奇队长1Lightning Lake is the largest lake in the upper reaches of the Luan River. It is named after the river before it enters the lake as the Lightning River. When viewed from a high place, the shape of the lake is very similar to a lightning bolt. The tens of thousands of grassy beaches by the lake are picturesque, and in the vast green fields with pale grass and flowers, it seems that the sky is falling and the clouds are about to rub shoulders.
Swan Lake Resort
174 Reviews
pekingwangSwan Lake is located in Guyuan and Duolun, the entrance fee is 40 adults. It is about 7 kilometers north of Guyuan County. It is suitable for walking here. The park is currently under construction, and it is expected that the boardwalk will allow visitors to walk around the lake.
14 Reviews
E12***38Laozhanggou is located in Guyuan County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. It is 200 kilometers southeast of Beijing. It has overlapping mountains and valleys. There is a small stream in the center. There are a lot of springs beside the stream. North China Summer Green Forest Transition Zone. Laozhanggou crossing is very famous and attracts many self-driving tourists every year.
Shandianhe Scenic Garden
17 Reviews
乐乐嘻嘻哈哈The Lightning River is the upper reaches of the Luan River. It originates from the northern foothills of the Tugur Mountain in Cuba Yantun at the junction of Guyuan and Fengning counties in Hebei Province, and enters the territory of Inner Mongolia at the south highway bridge of Heichengzi Ranch in Zhenglan Banner to the north. Continue to flow north to West Village, Dundahot Town, Zhenglan Banner, turn to the northeast, flow through Shuangshan Reservoir, enter Duolun territory, turn to the southeast where Baichengzi and Heifeng River converge. The confluence is hereinafter referred to as Luan River, at the lower reaches of Xishan Bay It flows into Fengning County, Hebei Province again near Waigoumen, passing by the Great Wall from Xifengkou, rushing straight down, into the Bohai Sea, with a flow of 877 kilometers.
The Manor Beyond The Great Wall
10 Reviews
高跟儿鞋It's worth going! First of all, the folk customs are considered simple, and secondly, the scenery is original and there are few artificial parts. The basic thing is to adapt to local conditions; the most important thing is that every time you go there is blue sky and white clouds, blue sky and white clouds, the kind with very clear and clear colors, and you can look up at the starry sky at night.
Bashang Grasslands
526 Reviews
行摄九州Fengning on the Bashang Grassland is also a great place to relax. Fengning Bashang is a tourist attraction centered on Datan Town and radiating to Sizhou Village. Fengning is located in the north of Beijing, passing through Lamagoumen, Huairou, the northernmost point of Beijing, into the Fengning area. Beijing-Chengdu Expressway is a must. Get off at the exit of Yanxi Lake in Huairou. Then go up the viaduct and continue until the end of the viaduct. On the way, there is a sign indicating "Fengning 111 National Highway". Don't pay attention to it. Go straight along the viaduct towards Yanxi Lake. After getting off the elevated road, you will see the traffic lights at the three forks. Drive to the left and you will see the traffic lights. Turn right, pass the Sunrise Oriental Hotel, go through the cave, turn left at the traffic lights and go straight, and you will enter the mountain after seeing the majestic Great Wall. This is National Highway 111. This road can bypass most of the traffic lights in Huairou City. There are road signs along the 111 aisle, and you can easily reach Fengning County. The mountain road is a single-lane road, the speed limit can be ignored, and you can overtake on the right, but pay attention to safety. There is monitoring on the two-lane road. Most of the roads in Beijing are 80, and only the second tunnel exit is 50. Pass through the Huaifeng Tunnel and enter Fengning, Hebei, with a speed limit of 80. After entering Fengning City, it is 60. Walk for about 30 kilometers until you reach Tucheng intersection (there are signs and no traffic lights, there is a Sinopec gas station on the right). There are two options to reach Tucheng intersection. One is to go straight on Zhangcheng Expressway and exit from Datan Exit to Datan Town. The highway fee is 35, the speed limit is 80, and there is a 50-kilometer section for speed measurement. The second is to take the 244 Provincial Highway and Half Tiger Line to the left and front, with only one surveillance. You can visit here all year round and the scenery is very beautiful.

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Guyuanxian Weather

Nov 27, 2020
-21 ~ -11
Nov 28, 2020
-21 / -10
Nov 29, 2020
-25 / -10
Nov 30, 2020
-24 / -7
Dec 1, 2020
-20 / -7
Dec 2, 2020
-20 / -11
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Guyuanxian
Nov 27, 2020 Guyuanxian Weather:Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:80%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:21/16:49
Guyuanxian Travel:Not Recommended, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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