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Things To Do in Hai'an

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qf3456792[Scenic] The most authentic Jiangnan gardens seen in Subei. [Fun] There is a story of adventuresome Xinjiang and Dong Xiaowan's charming talents and beautiful women. [Cost-effective] 50 yuan ticket, there is a discount on Trip.com. This value!
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Grace_cytAfter entering the entrance, you need to take another boat to the main scenic spot. You need to check the time point at the whole and half o'clock. If you miss the first half of the boat, you will wait 30 minutes. The cost of the ticket is included in the ticket. The scenic area is better planned, turn around clockwise, don't have to go back. After disembarking, I will go ashore and visit an exhibition hall first. After I leave the exhibition hall, I will go outdoors and see many plants and animals. There are elk in the scenic area, but no crocodiles, because the crocodiles hibernate in winter, and many other birds see only a few, probably because of the cold winter weather. One place that impressed me was imitating a farmer, the front of the door was a piece of land, used for growing vegetables, farmyards and house furnishings all restored the life of the farmers, very realistic, for the city grown up people, the opportunity to visit it is very good. Overall, the whole park has a good scenery, the original ecology, and it will be better when the weather is warm. If you go shopping slowly throughout the scenic spot, it will take most of the day.
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M29***58Haian (another name: Zishi) is a municipality under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Province. It is located in the central Jiangsu region in the eastern part of Jiangsu Province. It is the "Hometown of Chinese Poultry and Eggs" and "Hometown of Chinese Cocoons and Silks. Haian belongs to the northern subtropical ocean monsoon humid climate zone. Mineral resources include petroleum, clay, peat, etc. The scenic spots in the territory include the Monument of Seven Battles and Seven Victory, the Qingdun Cultural Site, and the former residence of Han Zishi. History Haian has a long history and is the source of Nantong Jianghai Culture. The excavation and research of the Qingdun site in Nanmo show that as early as the Neolithic Age more than 5,000 years ago, there were humans in the western area of Haian City.
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小熊穷游The existing ancient buildings in the ancient town of Taizhou are 60,000 square meters, of which more than 20,000 square meters are built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Some of them have their names in the name of bridge, some of them have their names in the name of water, some of them have their names in the name of pupa. The building style is decorated with the "cat head" dripping from the ridge of the finch tail and the wood carving brick, gray plastic pile tiles on the roof of the small tile mozambique mountain, and Bishao is moving.
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neckyayaPersonally feel good, the ancient street has not been so commercialized, the scones are really delicious, afraid of cold, not buy a few more bring back, the result is regret at night, the thousand-story sole shoes are all handmade, good hope to keep it, is the river at the end so dirty a bit kill the scenery.
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hslwanThis time we came to Dongtai for a business trip with our colleagues. Just the colleague introduced that Dongtai must go to Xixi Dongyong Seven Fairy Culture Park to play. The scenic spot is praised by colleagues. It is the best scenic spot to have been to. I came with the attitude of trying it. Into the scenic spot to find, the popularity of the scenic spot is prosperous, the actors in the small performance are so dedicated, full of spirit, wonderful performance, especially the performance of "Xianfan", really god is so beautiful, flying, handsome men and women, acting Xianfan story, really don't squat this trip, Recommended.

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About Hai'an

Hai'an is located in the fertile plain of the Yangtze River Delta, in the southeast of Jiangsu Province. The name Hai'an means “there will never be waves on the sea.” Hai'an has a long history and is one of the birthplaces of Jianghai culture. The Qingdun Ruins represent the advanced level of the eastern Yangtze and Huai River region during the Neolithic Era. You can also see Hai'an's history and culture at attractions such as the Yangtze-Huai Cultural Park and Hai'an Museum.

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