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About Hakone

Hakone is located in Kanagawa Prefecture. It is a Japanese hot spring town and health resort. Once upon a time this was a volcano. Now it is a beautiful crater surrounded by jade peaks and flowing with streams and hot springs. The scenery is magnificent beyond compare. You can take the cable car up the mountain or the electric railway. Either will give you a unique and different view of the area's beauty. Boat trips on Ashinoko Lake are a prime choice for most tourists. You not only can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, you can also see Mount Fuji when the weather is clear. The Ōwakudani Valley, which is full of white mists from the active sulfur vents, is also one of Hakone's landmarks. While here, make sure to have a taste of the unique Onsen Tamago black eggs.

Popular Attractions in Hakone

Owaku-dani Valley
576 Reviews
Hot Spring
A famous tourist attraction in Hakone, Owaku-dani Valley is the remains of a volcanic crater formed over 3,000 years ago from a volcanic eruption. It is also a major source of hot springs in Hakone. The geothermal landscape proves to be a spectacular sight, with mountain rocks laying bare against the green trees of Hakone and spewing out hot steam from between their cracks. Visitors can overlook the remains of the crater that is shrouded in a white mist, from which it is also possible to see the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji and the mountains of Hakone. You can also try the regional specialty of black eggs.
Lake Ashi (Ashinoko)
487 Reviews
Boat Tour
Lake Ashi (Ashinoko) is situated on the Western side of Hakone at the southern foothills of Mount Komagata. A volcanic lake formed over 4,000 years ago by volcanic activity, it is a popular tourist attraction in Hakone. The lake itself is set off against the backdrop of Mount Fuji, with the scenery changing with each season. Trails around the lake are surrounded by beautiful, green cedar trees, while a boat cruise on the lake is an essential pleasure for many visitors. The lake is home to many black bass and trout, and a large number of Japanese often come here to go boating, fishing, and swimming.
The Little Prince Museum
130 Reviews
The Little Prince Museum reproduces the streetscape and architecture that the author of the Little Prince, St. Boss, lived in. He showed a concrete representation of the things that he encountered, and the scenes depicted in the book will be displayed in front of you. In the small town of South Provence, the characters in the book are also presented in the park, which is a must-see for the little prince.
Lake Ashi Cruise
123 Reviews
Boat Tour

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Kowakudani Hot Spring
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19 Nov 2019
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20 Nov 2019
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Trip Moments

Inari Sushi: Kappaizushi
This is a sushi restaurant famous for Inari Sushi (), a sushi made from rice wrapped in soy rind, a Japanese Traditional cuisine, it is said that Japanese fox (Inda) likes to eat this kind of sushi.

This shop opened at 9:00 in the morning, our first group went in, the boss is doing the store preparation work.

Indori sushi and salmon squid platter sushi

Fig. 8 [Inari Sushi] is made with oil tofu skin in a pot and added with various sauces. The mouth is slightly greasy and the sushi is sweet. Three of the six are ordinary sushi, three are sesame seeds, and the sesame is very fragrant. This is a more traditional sushi. I personally think that the elderly in Japan may be more fond of eating. It is slightly greasy. If you want to taste the traditional sushi, you may wish to have a copy.

Figure 7 [Salmon squid platter sushi] Salmon has a beautiful texture, not fat and flexible, but also very fresh! Their home's miso juice is very good. It is different from the supermarket or other stores. It has a lot of salt and hangs. Their home is very light and not dry, but the taste is not so low, and the lips and teeth are unbearable. I want to have another bowl.

Later, I asked the owner why the sushi restaurants of other people opened at 12 o'clock. Their home opened at 9 o'clock. The owner smiled and said that because Inari sushi is too popular, many people want to pack and take away in the morning. So I adjusted the time to the morning and hoped that more people could eat their sushi, which was quite intimate.

If you pass by, don't miss their traditional Inari sushi and feel the traditional culture.

/ Kappeizushi information h
Address: 2, Hakone, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture 1143-49
Posted: 6 Jun 2019
Hakone is the most grounded gas civilian canteen: the earthen
a couple of stalls shop, the store has the feeling of old folk, dim light, tatami-style counter.

I heard that their family is full of weight. The proprietress said that if your appetite is not big, then two dishes are enough. After serving, it really surprised me.

, the rhythm of feeding customers to pigs.

Fig. 4 [Miso miso boiled] Compared to the same price in Tokyo, they are really conscience. They come up with a plate and can have a set meal with a rice. The cooking is actually the pig's large intestine. The longer it is cooked, the softer it is and the more chewy. The miso has the effect of removing cockroaches, and the whole miscellaneous boiled taste is practical and delicious.

Fig. 5 [Tofu] A whole four chunks of thick tofu. After the skin is fried, it is soaked in soy sauce and so on. If you like tofu, it will be very satisfying.

Fig. 6 [Family meal] I will not say it, one person can eat. The parents and children are covered with sweet, and their family has added mushrooms in it, which is slightly different from the other family's family style.

Fig. 8 [Fried Mackerel] The horse mackerel is very suitable for use as a deep-fried fish. After the frying, the crispy fish is delicious and the taste is first-rate.

The usual lunch package is bigger than the single product. If you eat it, it is estimated that you can't finish it. The taste is not compromised at all. The price of the civilians is satisfactory. It is a civilian canteen of the locals~

Address: Sengokuhara, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture 75
Posted: 6 Jun 2019
The first house of pigs: One heart
The first time I went to the evening, I drove around the car for a long time. In the place where it seems that there is no shop, the navigation tips are over, and the surroundings are dark and still I wondered how there would be a shop here. I had a small facade on the first floor of the original residential building. It was very inconspicuous. Unfortunately, the store was closed at the beginning of the year, so the first time the shop was so disappointing.

I dont give up, I went to the second time. When I went, the narrow doorway was already full of 3 cars. There were a bunch of people waiting in line at the door, which also aroused me. Curiosity, what exactly is a red shop that can make people so obsessed?

This curry shop seems to be the first curry shop in the Hakone area. After sitting down, I found that the glass kitchen in the store is full of the owners anime hand, and the wall is also covered with celebrity signatures. A small shop is like an anime world.

Fried pork chop is not like many other pork chop shops. It is wrapped in breadcrumbs and bite the taste of pork chop sauce. The pork chop of their family has the taste of a mother, very simple, just like The Shanghai pork cutlet I used to eat when I was young is very memorable.

There are two large pieces of pork in the curry, as well as various ingredients such as eggplant, broccoli and potatoes. The owner specially chose the iron plate, so that customers can enjoy the hot curry in the end.

Now I finally know the charm of this store, it is a kind of mother's taste, always quietly waiting for you to go home.

Address: 1F, Ogawa Building, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
Posted: 6 Jun 2019
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