Halls Gap
Northern Grampians Shire
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Things To Do in Halls Gap

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National Park
暖小夏爱旅行I tried my best to climb to the top of the mountain with my friends, and suddenly felt that the world was at my feet, and all creatures were living. There are so many strange rocks here, it is recommended to bring a climbing stick, otherwise you have to climb the mountain with all four feet. Can stay overnight, there are RV parking spots and camping sites. Highly recommended national park.
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Observation Deck
Nearby City
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City | ​​landmark
Nearby City
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Featured Neighbourhood
小思文Shufenshan is a place to travel outside Melbourne, the altitude is not very high, half a day can basically finish playing, not many people, local people like to travel here on weekends, there are not too many commercial facilities, very clean.
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优的良仕We continued to drive forward and came to Warrnambool. It is generally believed that Warrnambool is the last attraction and town on the Great Ocean Road, because the general tourist group will turn to the highway back to Melbourne when they arrive here, and rarely return along the Great Ocean Road. Although Warrnambool is not very well-known, but there are invincible beaches, so I actually stayed here for an hour to play. The advantage of free travel is that it is casual and fun. Who cares what the name of this attraction is. The beach here is also very good, there are few people, you can take a break here and relax by car.

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Grampians National ParkNorthern Grampians Shire,Australia

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Boroka LookoutNorthern Grampians Shire,Australia

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Brambuk The National Park & Cultural CentreNorthern Grampians Shire,Australia

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