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"When you come to Germany, don't be crowded at attractions! Go to Hamburg. This chocolate museum DIY. There is a special museum in Hamburg, Germany. Are the exhibits sweet? That is the chocolate museum that both adults and children love! Not only can you learn the whole process of the birth of chocolate, but you can also DIY a version of exclusive chocolate! Chocolate Museum Chocoversum by Hachez 90-minute guide to explain how to make exclusive chocolates. Learn about the birth of cocoa beans and chocolate. There are many opportunities for tasting! As soon as you enter the door, everyone gets a biscuit, and then you can use unlimited chocolate! Sweet chocolate, how can there be no reason not to take home? Next, start to make a unique version of chocolate by hand. Miss Wizard will help you install the chocolate syrup, provide colorful candies, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate beans and other ingredients. After decoration, put it in the refrigerator and wait for it to form. While waiting, the guide took us to learn about the life of a cocoa bean. In a jungle in South America, a fruit fell from a cocoa tree. How to be transported to Hamburg for quality inspection. If it is qualified , And then how to be made into chocolate sauce. I won't be spoiled! It's up to you to find the answer for yourself. Besides the explanation, there is of course a tasting session. What is the difference in taste between dark chocolate and white chocolate? Just eat it! If I can eat chocolate all the time, I think I will always be happy and happy! Address Messberg 1, 20095 Hamburg, Germany Tickets: Adults: 13 euros, children 6-17 years old: 10 euros, family package 2 big 2 small or 1 big 3 small: 36 euros. Children under 6 years old are free of charge, but if you want to make For chocolate bars, you need to purchase a ticket of 4.5 euros.Official website"