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Handan, located in the south of Hebei, is an ancient city with a history of three thousand years. Handan was the second capital of the State of Zhao during the Warring States Period and there are many cultural figures in the historical record who hail from here. At the same time, its natural landscape is not lacking in any way. The undulating stretches of the Taihang Mountains and Lake Jingniang, with its emerald green waters, imbue this ancient city with an air of spiritual grace. The nearby ancient city of Guangfu and the Wahuang Palace are also historical sites well worth a visit.
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Things To Do in Handan

Jingniang Lake
1,172 Reviews
老玩童The surface of the lake is in the shape of an inverted "person", divided into two branches, each with a length of 3 kilometers. Surrounded by mountains and waters, peaks and beautiful mountains, mountains and valleys, deep valleys, red cliffs, colorful, lush forests, sparkling, beautiful scenery, magical fortune. It has been developed into a tourist scenic spot and a summer resort by virtue of its mountains and rivers.
Guangfu Ancient City
702 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
baostarPersonally feel good! Probably because of personal preference for humanities! Some things can still be seen here! The seven scenic spots booked by Ctrip were refunded. It was troublesome to get the tickets. Obviously, I followed the prompts to navigate to the tourist center parking lot, but the result was still far behind! The visitor center parking lot and the visitor center are two different things! I was too lazy to move, so I bought an annual card, one card, 88 yuan! 7 attractions cover 6 and many other attractions! It feels more worthwhile, anyway, it will take some time, you can use it slowly! Ganlu Temple, Hongji Bridge, Wu Yuxiang's Former Residence, Yang Luchan's Former Residence, Guangfu Government Office, these are still worth seeing, Zhao Bin Tai Chi Garden (now called Fu Gongzong Yuan Tai Chi Garden) Fu Gong Memorial Temple, I personally think it doesn't matter if I go!
Wahuang Palace
812 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Historical Site
106***66Group of buildings, the original group of buildings at the front of the mountain, called Chaoyuan Palace, on the hillside there are Tingti Palace and Guangsheng Palace, each with a main hall and a side hall. Going up to the eighteen discs, you will reach the highest point of the Snail Palace, also called Grandma Ding. The Snail Palace is built on a steep mountainside. There are Grandma Pavilion, Dressing House, Yingshuang Tower, Bell and Drum Tower, Hexagonal Pavilion and Wooden Archway on the wide platform. The layout is reasonable and the limited area and topography of the factory platform are fully utilized. The grottoes here were first carved in Gaoyang when Emperor Wenxuan of the Northern Qi Dynasty, that is, between 550 and 560 AD. The cliffs carved on the "Guzhong Huangshan" stele were all carved at the end of Gaoyang, and have a history of more than 1430 years.
Qibugou Scenic Area
449 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
M22***06After the eleventh, there are few people coming even on Sundays. It is quiet and clean. It is suitable for lovers to come here to talk about love, listen to the wind, look at the mountains, talk about life, and have ideal words. The steps in the lacquered woods hovered up, and the wind rustled the leaves and it was very quiet. There is a temple not far away, and the sound of the Buddha reverberates in the valley, so I feel peaceful and comfortable! Turning the mountain, there is a People’s Liberation Army field hospital on a flat and open mountainside. Watching the martyrs sacrifice their lives in exchange for today's prosperous years, sudden respect! Going down the stairs and returning to the entrance, it takes about three or four hours to go back and forth. There are still several attractions that have not been visited.
East Taihang Scenic Area
350 Reviews
Geological Sites
铁观音泡紫砂壶East Taihang scenic area, located in Hebei Province, Wu'an City, because of the Taihang Shandong at the foot of the name. Zhongjingxin Group investment to build the cliff glass path on the altitude of 1000 meters, is called Taihang Mountain artificial wonders. The plan covers a total area of 26 square kilometers, with a maximum elevation of 1428 meters, and is the same as the Grand Canyon of Colorado in the United States. The East Taihang Scenic Area is a mountainous natural scenic spot that combines the Taihang Mountains, the strange, the dangerous, the Jun and the Qiaoshi, the cloud sea, the quiet, the change. Historically, the 129th division and many of the old revolutionary generation had been stationed here to fight and live.
Xiangtangshan Grottoes
232 Reviews
爱上蓝天白云Xiangtangshan Grottoes, also known as Xiangtangsi Grottoes, is located in Handan, Hebei Province. It is known as the fifth largest grotto in China. It was excavated in the Northern Qi era. It has been added in subsequent generations. There are 16 existing caves with more than 4,000 Buddha statues, although they are not as good as others. The four famous caves are famous, majestic and magnificent, but they also have their own characteristics, and their landscapes are worth visiting and admiring. This attraction is relatively small and not very well-known, so it is more suitable for self-driving or chartered tours. Nanxiangtang has almost no landscape, so you have to go directly to Beixiangtang. The grotto is on the mountainside and you need to climb the mountain. The ticket is 60 yuan, which feels a bit expensive. It takes up to two hours to play, so some water and snacks are enough to go up the mountain, and the light is best in the morning and evening.

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Jingniang Lake
Jingniang LakeHandan,China

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Guangfu Ancient City
Guangfu Ancient CityHandan,China

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Wahuang Palace
Wahuang PalaceHandan,China

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Qibugou Scenic Area
Qibugou Scenic AreaHandan,China

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East Taihang Scenic Area
East Taihang Scenic AreaHandan,China

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Xiangtangshan Grottoes
Xiangtangshan GrottoesHandan,China

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Handan Weather

Jan 27, 2021
-4 ~ 11
Jan 28, 2021
-4 / 5
Jan 29, 2021
-3 / 12
Jan 30, 2021
0 / 13
Jan 31, 2021
-1 / 11
Feb 1, 2021
-4 / 9
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Handan
Jan 27, 2021 Handan Weather:Sunny, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:14%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:28/17:42
Handan Travel:Use Caution, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Moderate

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