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Ngoc Son Ngo Luong Nature ReserveNearby City

Ngoc Son Ngo Luong Nature Reserve

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"Niche tourism in northern Vietnam, Mai Chau, an idyllic valley MaiChou 💚Mai Chau is an idyllic valley in northern Vietnam, surrounded by hills. It is completely different from the southern coastal city, and is a paradise away from the noise of Hanoi. 💚Journey experience The county seat is average, and only walking into the countryside is the essence. When you return to Yunnan ethnic minority villages, you can see that the stilts and the hand-made textile villagers working in the buildings, the deeper the village, the beautiful scenery and the overlapping mountains, occasionally It's very pleasant to meet farmers and cattle, come here to feel the fragrance of nature. 💚How to play Going to Mai Chau means getting close to nature, cycling through the countryside, or participating in a one-day outdoor adventure. 🚗Traffic strategy The hotel provides shuttle buses to and from Hanoi 🛏Hotel recommendation There are many high-end eco-hotels built in the valley. You can also try the affordable stilts. Here are two eco-hotels recommended. 1⃣Mai Chau Lodge (where I live) 2⃣Mai Chau Ecolodge (I passed by during the ride, I saw it was really beautiful at the time, I regret not finding out early, otherwise I will live here) 💚Stayed in Maizhou for 2 days. Basically, I rode out on bicycles. On the first day, the hotel staff took them to explore the way. The second day they brought cameras, drinks and sunscreen to ride on their own. The hotel provides rental bicycles and maps."