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Ham Rong MountainNearby City

Ham Rong Mountain

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Open from 9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Blue sky and white clouds are at your fingertips-information about the beautiful and towering Ham Rong Mountain, Ham Rong Mountain Address: Sapa 100000, Vietnam Tel: +84869299959 Before experiencing the Han Rong Mountain experience, friends who came to Sabah to travel said that if you go to Sabah, you must go to the local Ham Rong Take a look at Mountain, standing on the top of the mountain and overlooking the whole city of Sabah, the whole city is shrouded in white clouds, it looks very spectacular. I always heard him say that Sabah is pretty good among the small tourist attractions, so this time I came to Sabah alone, planning to start the tour from the legendary Ham Rong Mountain. Ham Rong Mountain is not far from the city, it can be reached on foot. There are many attractions here, such as the central garden, Hanrong Mountain Observation Deck, etc., all of which are worth visiting. I personally suggest that if you come here for sightseeing and relaxation, it is better to hike, you can have more time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ham Rong Mountain. Ham Rong Mountain is like a garden. There are many fruit trees here. When you come here in spring, you can see peach blossoms and plum blossoms in full bloom, which is very spectacular. I was tired from climbing here. After I got to the top of the mountain, I was hungry and exhausted and had a meal at the restaurant on the top of the mountain. The prices here are very friendly, the quality is cheap, and the taste is pretty good."